Chelsea Studios in NYC

Chelsea Studios in NYC

It is said that a trip to New York is a trip of a lifetime because of some obvious reasons. It’s because of the sheer size and magnitude of the experience. There’s an aura that clearly defines a notion of the city’s tolerance of diversity and its width of scale which put together, makes it just the irresistible option to be there. It’s easy to be there and knowing what you can do but it’s equally challenging if you’ve got to figure out where you’re going to put up. That’s where an idea about the place of stay comes into the picture. If you can conclude without wasting your precious time as to where you can spend your days, you’re a person to look up to. If you happen to be young and want to stay in close proximity to several attractions, you can consider Chelsea studios in NYC. 

There is Chelsea Market, Chelsea boutique shops, restaurants and a plethora of such things which are a collection of outstanding highlights that includes art galleries too. These items put together will make you pick the place where you want your comfort and convenience. The studio in the neighborhood is going to be your best pick if you’re seriously considering a place to accommodate yourself without any hassles. These are spectacular places that travelers can book for the night or days together to make their trip all the more memorable. 

Our Best Chelsea Studios in NYC

We have a vast portfolio of Chelsea studios in NYC spanning several types and locations. There are several choices at hand and our award-winning reservations team will help you greatly in this regard. 

Here are some of the best Chelsea studios in NYC that you can definitely consider. 

These are only some of the available Chelsea studios in NYC that we have. We ensure that you get centrally located apartments in close proximity to all major places of business, tourist landmarks and other attractions. We also equip our apartments with the very best amenities and other facilities. 

Chelsea Studios in NYC for Corporate Travelers

You will find Chelsea studios in NYC extremely fulfilling if you are a business/corporate traveler. Studios are ideal for solo business travelers or a smaller congregation like a pair! They are also suitable for couples should you want to bring along your better half or partner. Now, our studios in Chelsea are located at one of the most coveted neighborhoods of the city while giving you ample space, freedom and flexibility in the bargain. You will find all the necessary features that you want including complimentary Wi-Fi for seamless networking and connectivity in tandem with flat-screen televisions for relaxing in style and watching your favorite shows. It is all up to your own preferences! You can unwind after a hard day by chilling out with your colleagues or friends as well. Our studios help you discover NYC in a whole new light altogether! 

Chelsea Studios in NYC for Leisure Travelers

You will readily find Chelsea studios in NYC for leisure travelers. Solo travelers and couples will appreciate the right amount of privacy, freedom and flexibility offered by our studio apartments. There is ample space on offer along with all the amenities and facilities that you need for an enjoyable vacation. After a day of traveling and sightseeing, relax in style by inviting friends over or chilling on the couch with your flat-screen television, cable and complimentary Wi-Fi for company. All necessary bathroom amenities are provided along with good security features as well. Fully equipped kitchens and all vital appliances ensure that you can cook delicious meals whenever you want minus any hassles! 

Cost of Chelsea Studios in NYC

If you were anxious about the cost of Chelsea studios in NYC, you should not worry. We offer studio apartments at really fair and reasonable prices even during the peak seasons which see a sizable rush of travelers. We make sure that our prices are never exorbitant and that there are no hidden costs for you to deal with. We also offer several value-added amenities and facilities along with providing 24-hour management, support and assistance. 

Facilities in Our Chelsea Studios in NYC

We offer several facilities at our Chelsea studios in NYC. While they may vary from one apartment unit to another, here are some of the ones that you may expect. 

  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Onsite gym 
  • Onsite security
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Intercom system
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave
  • Fridge

Some of our apartment units may also come with additional onsite amenities including swimming pools, rooftop terraces, fitness facilities, sauna and Jacuzzi provisions, spa facilities, cafes, bars, restaurants and more. Every apartment comes with its own signature vibe and plus points along with offering cozy and comfortable stays for travelers. 

Living in Chelsea- An Incredible Experience 

In these studio apartments, you are free to enjoy all the outstanding amenities, the kind of stuff you usually get to enjoy at your home. Aside from other regular yet exciting features, there are fully equipped kitchens that facilitate rich lunch and dinner which you may enjoy your news or favorite sport on a flat-screen TV. Besides, you’ll find a large and tastefully done up dining table with chairs to entertain yourself because the table faces the TV and you can hear piped music through cordless speakers fitted in strategic nooks of the apartment. You know that there is a comfy bed with a super smooth mattress with clean linen spread over it on which to lie on and get yourself recharged for the coming days. You know it for sure that the days are going to be hectic but you’re reassured of coming back to this oasis of peace and serenity. It is said that this is the place for both business and leisure travelers. 

Chelsea has its attractions to pull in hordes of travelers as well as New Yorkers time and again to the vibrant neighborhood so rare in this part of the world. The eclectic Chelsea market, the arthouses shrouded in enigma, and trendy cafes will make sure guests can do no wrong if they choose Chelsea Studio Apartments as their homes to live in as long as they love to. A studio apartment at Chelsea is only the icing on the cake which nobody wants to dislodge. There is a potpourri of cultures living in Chelsea which is famous for having a large LGBTQ population. If one goes by the veracity of one report, there is a hooping 21% gay couples living in Chelsea. Chelsea is known for its social diversity and inclusion of all. There are century-old brick and brownstone townhouses still occupied and most of them are restored to their previous glory. 

There is an Art Deco Walker Tower entrance which was built in the 1930s and it was designed by Ralph Tomas Walker. It was the Verizon Building before it was converted to residences for the people who inhabit these cool places. The High Line has been elevated to the Urban Park that has stimulated development and proliferation of real estate including Highline 519 on 23rd street. There is ethnic and social diversity visible by the stores of Chelsea. There are ethnic restaurants and cloth boutiques which are so plentiful. There is one Chelsea Lofts district, which was once a fur and flower district, located on Sixth and Seventh Avenues. 

Top Attractions Near Our Chelsea Studios in NYC

There are several landmarks and attractions near our Chelsea studios in NYC and some of them include: 

  • Chelsea Market - Satiate your inner shopaholic with a much-anticipated visit to the Chelsea Market that has more than 40 local vendors offering almost everything from wholesome lobster meals to handcrafted jewelry as well. Along with local picks like Ronnybrook Dairy and Amy’s Bread, you will also come across specialty stores like Tease, Spices and Chelsea Market Baskets, the premier curator of gift baskets. 
  • The High Line - You will have a swell time when you visit the High Line, the elevated public park that was a former railway line. This is situated on the western side of Manhattan and has several compelling art installations and free activities for you to experience during your trip in summers. The park also has amazing views of the Hudson River and the city along with offering ample seating and mouth-watering snacking options as well. This is a great place for a casual afternoon or evening. 
  • Artichoke Basille’s Pizza - True-blue connoisseurs of pizza will love dropping in at a landmark in its own right, the Artichoke Basille’s Pizza outlet. There are several local favourites here including the top-selling spinach artichoke and crab dishes along with a wide selection of beer and wine. Seating options are abundant, making this joint ideal for indulging those late-night hunger pangs! 
  • The Museum at FIT - With an aim that clearly states to advance knowledge of fashion, the Museum at FIT has multiple publications and exhibitions that are tailored to entertain and educate guests alike. It has several fascinating works including acclaimed masterpieces by designers like Comme des Garcons and Yves Saint Laurent. There are several exhibitions by talented faculty members and students from the Fashion Institute of Technology. 
  • Sleep No More - Enjoy compelling theatrical performances at Sleep No More, a fun interactive performance spanning three hours that involves a fair dose of mysticism, masks and of course, everybody’s favourite Macbeth. Watch talented performers as they traverse the five-story act and you can be a part of the action yourself, looking for clues, interacting with the performers and generally having a blast! There is A Choose Your Own Adventure show that fuses sleuthing, voyeurism and Hitchcock-esque references into one compelling blend. Sleep No More is an experience that you have rarely had before or never at all. It is a lifetime visit by all means. 
  • David Zwirner Gallery - Chelsea has several progressive artistic talents and many of these skilled artists showcase their artwork at the David Zwirner Gallery. Being a representative of close to 50 global artists, the gallery offers compelling and diverse content along with the latest innovative ideas, giving patrons a unique adventure when they visit. Sculptures, paintings and multi-media work can be seen within the spacious gallery, making it a top place to visit for those who simply love contemporary artwork above all else. 
  • Upright Citizens Brigade - You will have a great time watching the comedy show at Upright Citizens Brigade. This is one of the most celebrated venues for comedy shows in NYC. It was co-founded by Amy Poehler, the noted comedian and actress. The theatre is home to several leading talents including Ilana Glazer from Broad City and Abbi Jacobson as well as several new talents. There are improv and sketch classes which you can take part in as well. 
  • Rubin Museum of Art - The Rubin Museum of Art is where you will love the fascinating insights into Himalayan culture which is a Westside establishment dedicated majorly to this segment. There is a lovely collection of artifacts and art from the East. The museum is truly an educational experience and you will love the charming cafe here along with the delightful events and exhibitions galore. 
  • Bathtub Gin -The Bathtub Gin is a wonderful place to experience the sheer intrigue and glamour of pulsating nightlife in Chelsea, New York City. There is a speakeasy theme at this performance venue and you will be intrigued by the hidden entrance and the gin-based cocktails. This is a retro delight, throwing up alternative entertainment options including live jazz shows and burlesque acts. The ambience here is truly unforgettable to say the least. 

Chelsea is a hotbed of culture, entertainment, bars, pubs, nightlife and historical attractions in New York City. There are several attractions located near our Chelsea studios in NYC that you can traverse within walking distance. All major public transit facilities are also located near our studio units in Chelsea. As a result, you will not find it hard to get around the city while sightseeing or even if you are commuting to your place of work/business. 

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