Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC

Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC

Sharing borders closely with Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens, the leafy Cobble Hill is one of the most stunning ones of all Brooklyn neighborhoods. Catch the pulse of the borough at this visually appealing, warm, and quite a varied neighborhood. When it comes to choosing to stay here in NYC, our serviced apartments present the finest picture of the borough. From leafy residential blocks to a view of the lavish brownstones, from a touch of luxury to the most convenient possible access to the eclectic culinary palette that Cobble Hill has to offer, we aim to paint a masterpiece with you which shall stay with you as a very memorable staycation of your life. 

Our Best Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC

After matching the luxuries of the amenities of some of the finest hospitality partners, we take pride in believing how efficient our entire team is that works tirelessly to provide the best experience. From the most tempting locations to the latest interior trends, our apartments embody the perfect combo of hotel luxuries and warm comforts at home. Our finest abodes have the most detailed comforts that keep adding every year. This is the most intimate experience one could expect in the heart of Cobble Hill.

Our top accommodations and recommendations of exclusively curated Cobble Hill apartments in NYC include:

Why Should You Book Our Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC?

Cobble Hill in combination with our best apartments is a very flexible Brooklyn neighborhood. Together, the living experience not only adjusts excellently to the needs of a modern corporate traveler but also the expectations of a full-fledged family looking for a stay. Why just that, the accommodations here are equally efficient in hosting romantic couples looking forward to enjoying their trip to bits. From shared proximity to the representative spots like the Cobble Hill Theater and Park, interiors as lavish and comforting as they can get, to 24/7 availability of our service team, expect your stay to be one of your favorites already!

Facilities in Our Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC

From compact studio rooms to lavish multi-bedroom pads, Cobble Hill apartments in NYC are great to see the more mellow side of Brooklyn. Our team takes a wide-angle approach spanned in almost a decade of experience in curating and satisfying global clients. The amenities sure reflect and do justice to that rare expertise gained over each activity that a traveler might want to do in a home away from home. From pillow fights with kids to a warm and cozy breakfast made together in the kitchen before leaving to explore the city, each part of the apartment has a thought behind its curation. The view from the balcony gives a sense of fulfillment of being in a new city while the warm living room with Netflix and TV makes it all worth it by the end of the day. 

An extensive list of amenities that make our Cobble Hill apartments in NYC stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Balcony with a view

Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC for Corporate Travel 

Most of the top priorities for a business stay have been taken care of in our accommodations in Cobble Hill. From quick breakfast spots around the corner to a stocked kitchen to help you with healthier meals, gym access to keep your body sorted to the best brunch spots for client meetings, the best of the neighborhood can be enjoyed from our abodes. The Wi-Fi routers will look over your important Zoom meetings or personal Skype calls in addition to the added customizations within the minimally furnished home that collectively justify all the love that we are getting from working professionals over the decade.

Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC for Families

Each of our wonderful accommodations undergoes multiple stages of curation and quality check to meet the highest level of comfort for all levels of expectations. With families trusting us, we pursue our vision even more responsibly. With secure apartment buildings and immediate locations, in-house comforts, quality of equipment, and outlook of furnishings, we provide a complete experience of living in Cobble Hill. Families often travel with kids and all of us know that kids are allowed to demand anything anytime. From departmental store to chemist, hospital to community parks to bond with the locals, everything can be reached within an easy walking distance. 

Best Attractions Near Our Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC

The traditional tastes, likes, and culture acquired by the locals over time make Cobble Hill such a desired neighborhood to live in. Everything from the last bookshop to a staple dried fruit store, a pastry shop to the most iconic park and cinema that represent the neighborhood in more than one way, this is the closely-knit community goals that the area enjoys. To share with you the complete picture of this wonderfully warm and welcoming part of Brooklyn, we have curated our abodes in the most easily accessible areas. The best part is, that you will get to enjoy a lot of attractions from your area of stay with us, without any major travel. 

Making the most of a neighborhood sure means exploring the best of it as you can. Watch an indie film at the iconic Cobble Hill Cinemas or let the exotic imports or designers burn a hole in your pocket. Choose for yourself from our top picks below:

  • Cobble Hill Park - This quaint little park on Clinton Street is a perfect spot to read or enjoy some private time alone or with a partner. Go for a secluded picnic or just soak in the Brooklyn community vibe at this Parisian space. 
  • Warren Place Mews & Clinton St- What better to start paving your way that leads to the true essence of the neighborhood? Admire these two very fascinating red brick buildings which manage to stand tall over the years of decades history and developments. From Greek Revival architecture from 1845 to working houses from the 1870s, there is a lot to absorb. 
  • Cobble Hill Cinemas - With a flat rate of just $8.50 this veteran Cobble Hill theater enjoys hosting a cluster of endearing locals especially every Tuesday and Thursday. This 5-screen cinema is gold for all cinema lovers and travelers who like to fully live in Brooklyn. 
  • Collyer’s Mansion - Head to 179 Atlantic Avenue for a shopping experience that is one of its kind in this unusual but fascinating store. Buy anything from pianos to chandeliers, books to vintage stuff. If you are thinking of a budget, it is somewhere between too high and too low.
  • Sahadi’s - A fine place that boasts of being the sole hub of Middle Eastern dried fruits. Not just that, head here for staple ingredients both fresh and imported. Living with your cozy kitchen within the new apartment, you will need a visit to this exotic ingredient heaven very often. 
  • The Invisible Dog Art Center - Get a closer insight into how this legendary jewelry and belt factory has evolved with the city over the years. Today, it is an epicenter of unconventional art workshops, installations, and exhibitions which art admirers love experiencing from up close. 
  • Bird - Every attraction doesn't necessarily have to be a part of a museum. This upscale store should be your focus for some high-end retail therapy. Considering the luxe influence that the neighborhood enjoys, you will find a great set of designer displays here. 
  • Books Are Magic - A stroll around this particular warm neighborhood cannot be complete without its historic taste and love for books. This book shop comes as part of the life of locals to continue the tradition of reading that was in danger post the shutting down of the BookCourt in 2016. 
  • Court Pastry Shop - Another attraction that made it to the list because of carrying a legacy that might be lost if not for the love that the locals shower them with. It is one of the most celebrated Italian bakeries run by a local family. Their fresh preparation and consistency will make it your staple.
  • Article - What can be better than a retail store that can give up to a 50% off on luxe brands? What is it if not a loved attraction here? From Jeffrey Campbell to Lauren Merkin, this wonderful store has so much to tempt you with. A little treat for yourself and your family back in your hometown won't hurt. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC

If food impresses you, Cobble Hill will be your favorite. Considering how near are all the iconic food experiences and eating spots located from your doorstep, you will surely love our food-loving team as well. From a one-man humble Italian restaurant road, a representative French restaurant, brunch spots ideal for corporate meetings to all your food cravings, the food scenes here are irresistible. With so much to taste and know, the history that goes behind the acquiring of that taste will become a fascinating part of your time here. 

While you are still thinking over our Cobble Hill apartments in NYC, skim through some of our most comforting restaurant options surrounding the abodes listed right below:

  • Fawkner - Enjoy old school vibe, quite a few rounds of drinks, and lots of delicious sandwiches in this lovely leather-furnished bar and restaurant. This is an absolute gem on Smith Street that sure stands out.
  • Battersby - A perfect blend of authentic American cuisine and traditional ambiance, this wonderful restaurant is loved to bits by Cobble Hill locals. It can always be seen flooded with people so it is advisable to go a little early as reservations aren't usually entertained. 
  • Hibino - Doing justice to its Japanese name, a part of this excellent sushi joint changes every day. Hands down one of the best sushi restaurants not just in Cobble Hill but the entire city. The rest of the menu deserves equal appreciation for its taste and detail.
  • Lillo Cucina Italiana - Craving some Roman delicacies? This cute little restaurant gives tough competition to Carroll Gardens for its delicious Italian menu. There is seating for only 17 and the chef alone is a one-man army in charge of everything here so please be kind and pay only in cash. 
  • 61 Local - When staying with us for some official work, one sure needs a go-to place for all the official meet-ups. This local restaurant and bar is a perfect place with its craft selection of wines, liquors, and beers. You will be able to spot it on 61 Bergen Street. 
  • La Vara - If you like exploring a country's history through its food, head to La Vara for its clubbed taste made of several cuisines. The Moorish and the Jewish influences on NYC’s food scenes is quite fascinating to see and taste. 
  • Cafe Luluc - Cobble Hill is adorned with the legacy of innumerable French families living here for decades. One such French gem embellishing the area is this cozy cafe. Enjoy an authentic French-style brunch and a whole bunch of traditional dishes on the menu. Ideal for a romantic lunch as well. 
  • Henry Public - If you like going to restaurants and bars that are welcoming with comfort food which is heavenly and has friendly staff, this wonderful local favorite is going to be your bae while you stay with us. Their turkey sandwiches are a favorite of most locals around Henry Street that you meet. 
  • Yemen Cafe - Why just Indian or Italian, Cobble Hill deserves merit for its eclectic culinary palette with Yemen delicacies making it to the list as well. Expect all the traditional meat dishes cooked to perfection with tender meat leaving the bones giving some serious food goals. A little heads up that their portions are way too big for smaller groups. 
  • Watty & Meg - This is a local restaurant serving the most basic American food. If you are wondering how it made it to the list then that is because the list sure is incomplete without staples. Grab a quick bite from here while going to the Cobble Hill Cinema and rejoice in the simplicity of the American food. 

Transport Near Our Cobble Hill Apartments in NYC

Take your rented bikes and hop on the NYC ferry that fares majestically on the Atlantic Basin. Red Hook is a prominent spot preferred between Bay Ridge and Wall St. If you wish to consider a quicker journey, consider boarding F or G trains to the popular stoppage of Bergen. While most of these modes can be quickly reached from your doorstep, the most convenient of them all is the subway any day. The collective connectivity not only offers the convenience to travel but also affordability and comfort at their respective best. 

Some of the major public transport stations near our Cobble Hill apartments in NYC include:

  • Grand Central
  • Wythe Ave
  • L at Bedford Avenue
  • Bedford-Nostrand Ave
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • Classon Ave Subway Station
  • Prospect Ave Station

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