Corporate Housing in Manhattan

Corporate Housing in Manhattan

Looking for corporate housing in Manhattan? You are not alone; research suggests that an overwhelming majority of business travelers to this part of the world look for strategically and centrally located accommodation options for long-term stays or even shorter periods of time. We understand how important it is to be easily connected to major commercial zones in NYC along with transit facilities as well. 

As a result, we offer thoughtfully tailored, premier and comfortable corporate housing in Manhattan with abundant options for business travelers. Corporates can take the help of our award-winning reservations team for choosing the best accommodation options on the basis of their specific preferences. Our centrally located apartments will help you access business destinations swiftly while enabling better relaxation after a hard day’s work at the same time. Our accommodation units are also equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities required by contemporary travelers. 

The Best Corporate Housing in Manhattan

When it comes to corporate housing in Manhattan, we have an expansive lineup for you to choose from. While there are innumerable options in store, here’s taking a look at some of the best ones. 

Each apartment comes with its own distinctive décor theme, plush furnishings, and lovely views and of course, the best amenities and facilities. Studio apartments offer the right amount of space, flexibility and freedom for couples, smaller business groups and solo business travelers while 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments are suitable for bigger groups of colleagues or families. Be it shorter or longer stays, we have you covered with our vast portfolio of corporate housing options in NYC. 

Facilities in Our Corporate Housing in Manhattan

When you book corporate housing in Manhattan, you will naturally enjoy top of the line facilities and amenities. While they may vary from one apartment to another, every unit is well-equipped to cater to specific traveler needs. 

Here are some of the amenities offered at our corporate units in Manhattan. 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Onsite gym 
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Flat screen televisions 
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Kettle
  • Intercom system
  • Fire safety provisions 
  • Onsite security 

Some apartments may come with several onsite amenities including fitness facilities, indoor and outdoor recreational spaces, terraces, lounges and concierge services. Added facilities may include swimming pools, cafes, restaurants and bars among others. 

Cost of Corporate Housing in Manhattan 

When it comes to the cost of corporate housing in Manhattan, you need not worry at all! We offer fair and reasonable prices to all our corporate guests round the year. There are peak seasons that see high traveler volumes but we make sure to keep our prices competitive without venturing into exorbitant territory. We also offer 24-hour management, support and assistance for our corporate guests in order to swiftly address all your queries minus any hassles. 

Why Book Corporate Housing in Manhattan?

Corporates need centrally located accommodation that is in close proximity to all major business and commercial hubs. Additionally, the flexibility and comfort of a personal apartment cannot be denied when it comes to slightly longer stays ranging from more than a few days to months altogether. All necessary amenities and facilities aside, an apartment gives you the space, privacy and freedom that enhance your experience in NYC. 

From brainstorming with colleagues over a few drinks to inviting friends over and even relaxing with complimentary Wi-Fi and flat screen televisions, you can do it all at your own dedicated place to call home in the city. 

About New York City

New York City has more than 8.5 million people at last count along with the world’s largest Fortune 500 entities and the second-biggest startup environment globally. It is the commercial capital of the world along with being the USA’s economic backbone. The initiatives of the NYCEDC (New York City Economic Development Corporation) have borne fruit towards positioning the city as a premier place to do business while driving economic growth in sectors like life sciences, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and industry and of course, fashion. NYC is regarded as the global hub of culture, commerce and innovation encompassing marketing, finance, food, manufacturing and fashion in an eclectic business cocktail along with a consumer base spanning millions of residents. The highest number of Fortune 500 conglomerates are present in the city if the whole of North America is taken into account. 

NYC is also the highest visited city in the entire western hemisphere with more than 65 million people visiting annually. It has the most corporate headquarters in the world and in 2017, companies in NYC had the biggest share of entities amongst the Inc. 5,000 fastest-growing private sector companies. The economic prowess of NYC covers retail, government, business services, transportation, education, construction, advertising, music, publishing, real estate and film. In 2015, NYC’s gross product touched a whopping $805 billion which is higher than Switzerland and Argentina amongst other global countries. It has more than 100 technology incubators and accelerators along with more than 9,000 startups and $13 billion in VC (venture capital) funding as of 2018. 

Exploring New York City’s CBD

Our corporate housing in Manhattan will give you easy access to major CBDs (Central Business Districts) and other commercial hubs in New York City (NYC). Midtown Manhattan is the biggest CBD in the world here and in tandem with Lower Manhattan or Downtown Manhattan, is representative of New York’s major chunk of business enterprises. Midtown Manhattan is located centrally in NYC and is home to some of the biggest global business destinations like the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building along with a large chunk of the city’s prominent skyscrapers and business centers. Other popular zones in this stretch include Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Broadway and the headquarters of the United Nations along with the Rockefeller Center. Lower Manhattan is where you will find the Financial District of the city and the world’s financial capital as experts refer to it. Investment bankers and finance professionals can be found working in this zone which has the Twin Trade Towers with the 9/11 memorial present there now. Wall Street is another landmark here and is home to the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Nearby zones include Little Italy, Greenwich Village, West Village, Tribeca, Chinatown, East Village and the Meatpacking District. 

The CBD is the biggest of its kind in the USA and the primary CBD, as mentioned, includes Midtown and downtown Manhattan which has been a financial powerhouse from the 19th century onwards, owing to the New York Stock Exchange and other financial giants being located here. The CBD has grown steadily in terms of its population, size and popularity over the years, being home to approximately 1.6 million people. More than 4 million visitors also land here each day including residents, tourists and commuters. More than 310,000 registered businesses and counting have their presence in the CBD itself. There are good mass transit facilities linking the area to the rest of New York City including 14 subway networks and 30+ bus transit lines offering 24-7 connectivity for commuters. The Staten Island ferry terminal is located within the zone while PATH trains offer easy commutes to nearby zones like New Jersey. The LaGuardia-New York Airport is only 10 miles east from Times Square and 12 miles away from the famous Wall Street. 

Here are some fun facts worth noting in this regard. 

  • As per several reports, the CBD in New York City offers employment to a whopping 22% of the workforce in the city which is close to 2 million residents. 
  • This is the biggest share of overall employment for all USA CBDs as per reports. 
  • The New York CBD holds the first rank with regard to the number of Fortune 500 companies situated here. There are 50+ such corporations in the area alone. 
  • Major industries in the CBD cover banking, finance, hospitality, retail, business services and tourism. 
  • Finance and banking firms are usually present near Lower Manhattan and Wall Street with the biggest employers being Goldman Sachs, NASDAQ, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase and Ambac among others.  
  • At Midtown’s western end, you will find a big textile manufacturing cluster called the Garment District. This covers a whopping 1 square mile between the Avenue of the Americas and 9th Avenue. The Garment District houses almost 6,000 entities along with employing close to 90,000 people across segments like advertising, fashion, marketing, manufacturing, media and retail. 
  • The leisure and arts sectors are predominantly housed in Greenwich Village and Lower Manhattan, taking up close to 15% of overall businesses in the area. The education industry (including NYU) has a prominent presence in this zone too. 
  • The entertainment sector is prominently housed in Midtown Manhattan, particularly in the Theater District, Broadway, Rockefeller Center and Times Square. 
  • The biggest retail zone in the New York CBD is present at the Fifth Avenue where you will chance upon the flagship stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Tiffany and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Other Major CBDs in New York City 

New York City is also home to other secondary CBDs (Central Business Districts). These include the following: 

  • Downtown Brooklyn - Downtown Brooklyn is fast growing towards becoming one of the biggest and most preferred business zones in New York City. It is presently the third biggest borough in NYC and several companies are shifting towards Brooklyn owing to lower rentals and more space at times. Multiple educational institutions and colleges are located here in downtown Brooklyn including the NYC College of Technology, Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Pratt Institute and Long Island University among others. There are beautiful brownstone buildings lining the entire CBD across downtown Brooklyn, exponentially adding to its charm. There is abundant office space available in the zone and the Metro Tech Center, for instance, is home to numerous professional entities. This commercial project already has a valuation exceeding more than $1 billion and encompasses 12 buildings in all.
  • Downtown Flushing - Situated in Queens (northern half), it is one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse locations in New York City. Owing to the diversity of the area’s culture and lifestyles, several small businesses are shifting here en masse in recent times. Downtown Flushing has witnessed considerable renovation over the last few years as part of the mainstream movement for the revival of the city and its surrounding areas. Several real estate developers have started restoration work on charming old buildings and churches in Downtown Flushing. They are steadily restoring several old buildings into attractive office spaces. Downtown Flushing looks set to be the next big business hub of New York in the future.
  • Long Island City - Long Island City has grown rapidly, transforming into one of the best zones for conducting business in New York City. More than 7,000 entities are located presently in Long Island City with 90,000 people (and counting!) holding jobs in the area. The manufacturing industry is the biggest growth driver here with millions of dollars being earmarked for major renovation projects in the vicinity as well. Office space rentals are comparatively lower than several parts of the city such as Midtown or Lower Manhattan. This has been a major draw for firms across multiple sectors. Several big companies are opening corporate offices at this location including the likes of Steve Madden, Citigroup, MetLife, JetBlue and many others. 

With NYC seeing rapid business growth over the last decade or so, industry experts anticipate the development of many more CBDs in the near future. Staying at centrally located Manhattan corporate housing units will naturally put you in close proximity to the biggest business zones including the primary CBD of the city. You will also enjoy great connectivity to popular restaurants, fashion and shopping streets and major tourist landmarks in New York City. There are readily available public transportation facilities near corporate housing in Manhattan that you book with us. 

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