Downtown Manhattan Apartments

Downtown Manhattan Apartments

If you are considering Downtown Manhattan apartments, then you are certainly at the right place. We have a wide selection of units for you to choose from in some of the most coveted and centrally located neighborhoods of Downtown Manhattan. 

Equipped with all necessary amenities and facilities, our Downtown Manhattan apartments will go a long way towards making your New York stay more memorable and doubly comfortable in that order! You can reach out to our award-winning reservations team for helping you find the perfect unit that is tailored to your needs. Staying in Downtown Manhattan is a good choice since you will be living in close proximity to some of the Big Apple’s major tourist and historical landmarks, cultural institutions, business centers and corporate hubs and of course, some of its most prime shopping, dining and nightlife jaunts as well. 

Our Best Downtown Manhattan Apartments 

You can now find Downtown Manhattan apartments with ease courtesy our vast portfolio of apartments to suit your needs. From studios that usually suit smaller groups, solo travelers or couples to 1-bedroom apartments and even 2-bedroom units, we have something for everyone. From larger groups of business travelers and families to solo travelers, we have all the options that you need in Downtown Manhattan. 

Here are some of the options that you can always consider in this location. 

These are but some of our vast lineup of options in Downtown Manhattan. Our reservations team will help you find the best possible option, depending upon your specific requirements. 

Facilities in Our Downtown Manhattan Apartments

We offer a wealth of facilities and amenities at our Downtown Manhattan apartments including everything that a contemporary traveler can possibly ask for. Here are some of the amenities that you can mostly expect: 

  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Business center
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Onsite gym
  • Onsite security
  • Flat screen television 
  • Intercom system

All our units come adequately equipped with basic bathroom and kitchen amenities while some units may also have additional onsite facilities. Some of these may include swimming pools, fitness facilities, sauna and Jacuzzi provisions, spa facilities, cafes, bars and restaurants, community lounges, rooftop terraces and recreational areas. 

Why Book Our Downtown Manhattan Apartments?

Booking Downtown Manhattan apartments for longer stays in New York City is always a good idea. Still, wondering why? Coming back home to a dedicated unit of your own automatically spells more privacy, freedom and flexibility. The comfort and convenience is enhanced greatly as well in comparison to regular hospitality options. Have a blast with your pals or colleagues, brainstorm, watch television, lounge about or simply have a good night’s sleep after a long day at work or travel. This is possible with your own apartment in Downtown Manhattan for longer durations ranging from weeks to months. If you’ve got the family along with you or fellow colleagues, you will naturally appreciate the extra space greatly. 

Cost of Downtown Manhattan Apartments 

You should not worry about the cost of Downtown Manhattan apartments since we strive to offer units at fair and reasonable rates to all our guests. Even during peak seasons which witness a sizable rush of travelers, we keep our rates competitive without venturing into exorbitant territory. We also come up with the best amenities for our guests along with providing 24-hour support, assistance and management for complete peace of mind. What you get is greater value for your money when you stay with us. 

Downtown Manhattan Things to Do 

There are plenty of things worth doing and exploring in Downtown Manhattan. The list can be so extensive that it is not always possible to put it down in one place. Here’s taking a look at some of the fun things worth doing when you are staying in Downtown Manhattan. 


  • Sightseeing Tours - Explore the charming Downtown Manhattan zone on a lovely sightseeing tour, venturing into the famous Financial District along with other landmarks. There are several GPS based audio tours that you can opt for in tandem with guided walking tours. Theme tours including Revolutionary Era tours and Alexander Hamilton tours are also possible. There are bus tours spanning Downtown Manhattan in its entirety while if you have the moolah to splurge, a helicopter tour of the city departs from its base in Lower Manhattan!
  • World Trade Center - One of the biggest attractions in Downtown Manhattan is the World Trade Center. The new center has multiple buildings within its complex including the Freedom Tower. The center has the 9/11 Memorial which you can visit absolutely free for a moving experience. This is where you can sample history first-hand without any guides whatsoever. The National September 11 Museum has an awe-inspiring collection of artifacts back from the events unfolding on the 11th of September, 2001. St. Paul’s Chapel is situated just across the museum and memorial and quite amazingly, survived the onslaught of the attack of the Twin Towers. It has a tribute inside to the rescue workers during the attack. The 9/11 Tribute Museum has a timeline for visitors while honoring rescue workers and sharing personal tributes placed by affected 9/11 families. Ground Zero Museum Workshop tours in Chelsea emphasize more on recovery, families and children. 
  • Enjoy the View from the Freedom Tower - The Freedom Tower or One World Observatory is where you will find the most spectacular view of New York City. It is the tallest skyscraper in the whole of the Western Hemisphere! The Observatory on the 100th and 101st floors remains open and is a fabulous experience for all visitors. You can look up tickets and other information readily. 
  • A Free Ferry Ride - An amazing ferry ride that is astonishingly free, you can ride till Staten Island during the night or even in the daytime for gorgeous Lower Manhattan views along with taking in the Statue of Liberty up close as well. This ride is a must without a doubt. 
  • Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty - On that note, make sure that Liberty and Ellis Island is on the itinerary for NYC. You can always book your tickets/passes online. These are major landmarks that are worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. 
  • Cover the Brooklyn Bridge - One of the best experiences for visitors to New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge is literally something else, offering panoramic views and being walkable at night and day alike. The whole experience can be enjoyed absolutely free of cost as well. 
  • Venture into Battery Park - Battery Park is uniquely named and is situated right at the Manhattan tip with gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. Mornings and sunsets here should be accompanied by delightful snaps that will light up your Instagram feed like no other!
  • South Street Seaport - With two charming cobblestone blocks and neatly restored 19th century buildings near the East River, the South Street Seaport feels straight out of a romance novel. You can enjoy delightful East River views as you dine along this stretch along with viewing the Brooklyn Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge from the Pier 15 Esplanade. Shopping is a key distraction here along with the maritime museum. There is a seasonal ice skating rink here too. 
  • Wall Street - Financial industry enthusiasts and those who have sampled creations like the Wolf of Wall Street will have goosebumps when they visit! This is the financial Mecca of the USA and a large part of the world as well. Wall Street is akin to the chequered history of finance over the ages. The stretch also has the New York Stock Exchange, one of the city’s most widely photographed structures. You can find guided tours of Wall Street as well. 


Bonus Tip:

Tourist Passes for multiple attractions- If you are really into exploring Downtown Manhattan on your time off, you should go for a tourist discount pass. This will help you get access to most of the spectacular landmarks in the city. These include the Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty, One World Observatory, 9/11 Museum, 9/11 Tribute Museum, The Skyscraper Museum, South Street Seaport Museum, Bike Tours and Rentals, Museum of American Finance, Museum of Jewish Heritage, Hop-On and Hop-Off Bus Tours, Fraunces Tavern Museum, Boat Rides and Cruises. 

Other inclusions may include Walking Tours for Wall Street, the walking tour for the Underground Railroad and Hamilton Happy Hour tour in tandem with Liberty Helicopters. There are Downtown Culture passes available as well for those looking to venture into museums, monuments and cultural landmarks. 

Some Other Attractions Worth Visiting 

Here are some of the other attractions that you should consider visiting as well.


  • Woolworth Building - This is one of the most delightful skyscrapers dotting the NYC skyline and the neo-Gothic design elements are wonderful to behold by all means. There are several highly rated tours for this lovely building that you can check out. 
  • Skyscraper Museum - Ever heard of a museum dedicated to skyscrapers? This unique attraction talks about the history of these buildings and their sheer importance to the city of New York over the ages. There are smaller replicas of the most famous buildings in NYC along with several exhibits. 
  • Museum of Jewish Heritage - This museum is impeccably curated and pays tribute to Holocaust victims. It examines the achievements, traditions and the religious faith of Jews, keeping their legacy alive and flourishing in the heart of NYC. 
  • Century 21 - This huge department store is a good pit-stop for shoppers looking for a break between guided tours and sightseeing expeditions. This store offers designer apparel, top brands, jewelry, watches, handbags and luggage. The store remains crowded during peak hours but you can always peek in during your time off. 
  • City Hall - The oldest city hall in the USA which is used for its original purpose until today, City Hall is the local government seat and houses the offices of the City Council and Mayor alike. It is one of the most iconic architectural structures from a different era and history buffs will love exploring the building without a doubt. 
  • City Hall Subway Station - The old City Hall Station is a great place to explore, being a readily accessible yet abandoned subway station that was the first to open in New York City. It launched in 1904 before closing down in 1945. 
  • Federal Reserve Bank - One of the 12 regional Reserve Banks under the Federal Reserve System, this location is known for being the custodian of gold with approximately 1/4th or 25% of global gold being housed here in its vaults. Thinking Gringotts and Harry Potter anyone? 
  • Federal Hall National Museum - The original building was the first capital of the nation and a visit is worth it, particularly if you look at the exhibits, history and timelines on offer. 
  • National Museum of the American Indian - Another uniquely themed museum and accommodated in the delightful Beaux Arts for Customs House, the collection here has more than 700 native American artifacts from several continents. There are public tours held for families and adults, showcasing attractive exhibitions along with the gorgeous architecture of the structure itself. 
  • Canyon of Heroes - The stretch to Battery Park from City Hall that encompasses Broadway is called Canyon of Heroes. The name derives from the fact that ticker-tape parades had their origin in this location. You will find granite strips across the sidewalk as you walk alongside Broadway. They have names of major politicians, pioneers of space and air travel, athletes and other sporting heroes. 
  • Trinity Church - Founded in 1697 by King William III, Trinity Church is one of the most beautiful and oldest churches in all of America. Free musical performances often take place here while the architecture and interiors will amaze you, particularly with the gorgeous stained glass work. 
  • Castle Clinton - This fort was built to prepare for the 1812 war and is located at Manhattan’s southernmost point or Battery Park. The cannons and the fort were never actually used and it has since transformed into a major attraction for tourists. There is the outdoor museum with replica cannons and a fascinating exhibit room with maps, documents and photographs galore. Children will love the trip to Castle Clinton where the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ticket offices (for tours) are also located. 



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