New York Family Apartments

New York Family Apartments

Traveling with family is the most awaited holiday that one looks forward to. One might compromise over anything but this is a red zone for absolutely any goof-ups. Our family apartments are the byproduct of the most customized approach and years of curation. Only after getting excellent feedbacks from families from around the world, we have made a whole catalog of family abodes available for booking in New York City. Each apartment is curated in a way that it instantly connects just like home with every member of the family. 

With fully-equipped modern homes ready to move in, you can let the kids build their expectations with their staycation as our team is already getting the finest apartment ready for you! 

Our Best New York Family Apartments

It is the totality of experience that makes our abodes stand out in this highly competitive market. Every detail that goes behind each abode has gone through several stages. The primary concern that most families have is food. Let's face it, relying completely on restaurant order-ins is the most unhealthy vacation you could offer your kids and aging parents. Each of our homes is fully-equipped with a spacious, modern, hygienic, and highly elaborate kitchen. Enjoy your comfort meals together on the dining table as a family. From food to cozy bedding, safe in-house entertainment to ease of commuting, our finest abodes are ready to be your dream vacation home. 

With excellent customer feedbacks earned over years of experience of channeling our housing and hospitality expertise at its best, we have come up with the following set of New York family apartments for you:

Why Should You Book Our New York Family Apartments?

How about a modernly-furnished serviced apartment sitting in the most secure locations of New York City? From the number of rooms to types of beds, view from the balcony to precise and transparent pricing just as per your budget, our excellent accommodations give you all the reasons to book our New York family apartments. With no hidden fee lurking over your budgets, our accommodations are sophisticated, stylish, and highly comfortable. From infants to senior citizens, our amenities have been chosen to cater to a homely experience even in the heart of a foreign city. 

From bedrooms to bathrooms, balconies to lifts, and kitchens, you are booking yourself for a perfectly balanced mix of a luxury hotel and your sweet home. 

Facilities in Our New York Family Apartments

Expect your kids to be their best with our seamless Wi-Fi letting them enjoy uninterrupted cartoons on television. Teenagers love their Netflix, Prime, and Apple TV memberships. While the young members will enjoy their complimentary gym memberships, all the adults would love to redeem their discount coupons from the local vendors and businesses. Don't we all love buying little souvenirs? Even if you end up buying lots and lots of bags, our lift access will get you to your floor as safely and quickly as possible. With all these amenities carefully chosen for a seamless living experience, our New York family apartments will truly win your heart!

While you must be wondering what makes us so confident at what we do. To give you a clearer picture, skim through some of our most loved 5-star amenities available with most of our abodes:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Our New York Family Apartments?

With family trusting you with their holiday, the responsibility sure triples up. After successfully curating homes for almost ten years now, we have figured that every family comes with different expectations from their location. While some like to be around green spaces and parks for kids like in Greenpoint, while others prefer to be surrounded by informative museums and historical reminisces like Williamsburg. From an active lifestyle in multiple brushing neighborhoods of Manhattan to a mix of everything like at Times Square, you have all the options to pick from. The best part to note is that not only does New York have such incredible variety to offer, but with our fantastic team tirelessly exploring all that variety, we can bring it to you through our modern abodes. 

Since we completely understand how important is the role of the locality when living in a new city with family, below are the warmest and the liveliest of all neighborhoods handpicked for our New York family apartments:

  • Williamsburg - If you wish this trip to be an enriching one as well, the historic Williamsburg of Brooklyn is your best shot. With the James River, art museums, and the most dynamic ambiance, it is a gorgeous area for a cozy family stay. 
  • Lower Manhattan - Home to the NYC government, Downtown Manhattan alone brims with a lot of culture and business opportunities that the city has to offer as a whole.  
  • Midtown East - Quite a posh residential area, this wonderful neighborhood is home to the UN headquarters along with several high-end stores and celebrated skyscrapers. The food variety here is unthinkable!
  • Chelsea - With the most popular Chelsea Market and over 200 art galleries adorning the lavish area, this upscale Manhattan neighborhood is a great option to stay with family. 
  • Union Square - A perfect mix of high-end and casual, this neighborhood is inhabited by people from all walks of life. From students or protestors, cozy cafes to high-rise apartments, it has them all. 

Exclusive New York Family Apartments

What makes us jump all levels of housing and hospitality, especially when dealing with family vacations, is the fact that we take care of the littlest details. Whether it is a cozy romantic evening snuggled on the rich-textured couch or it is the fluffy pillows for a soft and dust-free pillow fight among kids, we have mastered our game of amenities that make an apartment a home. A perfect nook in the balcony for the in-laws to enjoy their morning paper or anything else that reminds you of home, everything from our cleaning team to our grocery team, crisp linens, or modern equipment together make our New York family apartments unmatched in the industry. 

For the evenings you wish to spend alone with your partner, our concierge desk is just a call away. While our kitchens are safe for even the infants, the regal cutlery calls for a lavish candlelight dinner. 

Best Attractions Near Our New York Family Apartments

From New York City’s most loved food fest and flea market to some of the most fascinating parks spread out in huge areas in different parts of the city, the Big Apple is a perfect destination to take your fam along. From infants to young adults, parents, or in-laws to senior members, there is something for all tastes and wants. Party all night at Times Square if you like or take everyone to the Cathedral for a calming morning, the city is going to gift you a very diverse bucket list for this trip. 

While your stay will already be taken care of, here are some very popular tourist hotspots in the city to look out for. Most of these will be just a hop away from our stylish New York family apartments:

  • Statue of Liberty - Don't you think the kids deserve to see this gorgeous piece straight out from their book of wonders? Take your fam to this marvelous freedom symbol standing 152 ft tall.
  • Times Square - This might not be the place for kids but the adult groups can always sneak some time for themselves and party their heart out at this iconic NY spot. Enjoy the unmatched plethora of markets and cuisines here. 
  • Prospect Park & Zoo - One of the most child-friendly attractions of NYC. It has everything ranging from a full-fledged zoo to outdoor concerts, open plays to lush playgrounds. From your littlest ones to the senior-most member, everyone will love to be here.
  • Central Park - Hands down the best place you can take your family to, Central Park is all about warm picnics, community feeling, restaurants, outdoor fun, and knowing NYC from closer. 
  • MoMA - Getting to peep at the remains that date back to over 5000 years is an overwhelming experience in itself. Enjoy an informational tour around the finest NY museum and add to your memories. 
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral - Your parents, in-laws, and even grandparents would love accompanying you and the kids to this marvelous piece of architectural remains. The sanctity of the place makes it the finest attraction to bond with all the generations in the family.  
  • Broadway Theater - Watching an iconic play is one of the most appealing things you could do with your family. Brushing your intellect and reviving your taste in plays will surely make your trip very memorable
  • Bryant Park - When visiting the NY Public Library, you can always sneak some time to enjoy a meal together with everyone. Enjoy ice creams here in the summers or just watch other groups play. Such is the community vibe of NYC. 
  • Rockefeller Center - This is the best place to enjoy a starry night with the fam in winters. Enjoy skating on the popular ice rink here while the massive Christmas tree is one of the must-see things here. Enjoy the skyline view from the Top of the Rock. 
  • Brooklyn Flea - This popular flea market is a dream come true for street shoppers. They host their most loved food fest called Smorgasburg during Spring and Summer seasons every year. The festival with the market together is the most happening combo to enjoy with your family.

Best Restaurants Near Our New York Family Apartments

New Yorkers adore children. Since the city is one of the safest recorded cities around the globe, you shouldn't think twice before finalizing your trip here. While food happens to be a big concern for most parents traveling with kids, you will be pleased to know that the city holds endless child-friendly restaurants under its name. We understand how the cravings can swing day in and out, therefore you will find our homes in the most central parts of each neighborhood. Not only will you get direct access to regular meals of the day but even any unusual demands can be met around our diversely located apartments. 

While you are already excited about the NYC attractions, you must check our the handful of popular restaurants that the city and our apartments boast to share the space with: 

  • Time Out Market New York - A food court to start the list because let's face it, when it comes to family, everyone has different tastes. From fried chicken and pizzas to cookie doughs, this is a must-try place in DUMBO. 
  • Hibino - If you want to go all fancy with your young adults and enhance their culinary taste, this Cobble Hill gem must not be missed. Try their Teriyaki Chicken, Sushi, and desserts.
  • Daily Provisions - This cozy spacious restaurant is an extension to the tiny one from Union Square. The food is loved by everyone alike, the menu is comforting and above all, the vibe is welcoming.
  • Naruto Ramen - Who doesn't love Ramen? Unless you are a K-drama fan calling it Ramyun, this restaurant serving the most delicious types of Japanese ramen will win your heart. From soupy ones for the kids to thick ones for you, a hearty family lunch would be sorted. 
  • JG Melon - Do you usually crave old-school food when traveling? This extremely popular restaurant serves the most nostalgic menu in all its simplicity and excellence in taste. A fine combo of Manhattan and a combined taste of the past. 
  • Paulie Gee’s – This list of restaurants would do no justice to NYC without one authentic pizza place. This restaurant in Brooklyn serves the most authentic and the most delicious pizzas. Their cheese assortments and quality is appreciated by all ages alike. 
  • Westville - This SoHo eatery is all above reliving childhood with your kids. Savor their kid-friendly menu with twists enough to please adults alike. Expect to get transported back to those good school times. 
  • Japan Village - While enjoying Sunset Park, head to this Japanese restaurant serving the most delicious menu loved by travelers of all ages. An entire food court enjoying proximity to soothing Brooklyn waterfront. 
  • Berg’n - If you would prefer a child-friendly restaurant that is also a bar, this is your perfect spot. This fusion food court brings together the most unique food vendors who know how to play uniquely with flavors. 
  • American Girl Cafe - If by any chance it is an all-girls’ trip in the happening NYC, this cute diner, where your princesses will be accompanied by dolls, is one of its kind. With shopping and salon, this is a complete trip to get girls jamming!

Transport Near Our New York Family Apartments

Subway is the quickest and therefore the most preferred mode of transportation in the huge city of New York. It will cost you anything around $2.75 for most subway and bus rides. When moving to or from NYC airport, consider opting for AirTrain. You can easily commute cashless using metro cards. An Express Bus ride will cost you anywhere around $6.75. For shorter distances, ferry and rented bicycles are the best way to go. 

We understand how crucial is the availability of public stations from your chosen serviced apartment, especially when traveling with family and kids. That is exactly why public transport stations of most travel modes can be accessed just a hop away from wherever you choose to stay with us in the city. 

Some of the most easily accessible public transport stations near our finest New York family apartments include:

  • 34 Street Herald Square
  • 96th Street
  • M at 23rd St
  • 50th Street Station
  • 59th St- Columbus Circle
  • Grand Street
  • 53rd Street
  • Lexington Ave/59th St
  • C, E at 50th St

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