Fort Greene Apartments

Fort Greene Apartments

One of Brooklyn’s family-friendly and tree-lined neighborhoods, it is as diverse as the casual eateries and indie bars make it. Like the rest of Brooklyn, it attracts many artists that seek inspiration or as an escape for high flying business hotshots that want to escape the rat race of Manhattan. For leisure and corporate travelers that are wanting a different kind of NYC experience to the one usually boasted about in travel guides, Fort Greene has enough character and scope to be an ideal alternative to Manhattan's hectic vibe. And our Fort Greene apartments are here, with all of their fully furnished features to entice visitors with a new way to enjoy the perks of NYC.

Our Best Fort Greene Apartments

With an award-winning portfolio that has over 150,000 serviced apartments, our range goes above and beyond. We have apartments for every kind of stay, and Fort Greene is not left out. While our breadth doesn’t extend as much here as it does in other NYC neighborhoods and districts, there are still high quality Fort Greene apartments here that will suit the needs of any short or long term traveler coming to make the area their new home.

Our top serviced apartments in Fort Greene are:

Facilities in Our Fort Greene Apartments

When guests choose serviced accommodation, they expect living spaces that are equipped for their every need and requirement. At our Fort Greene apartments, every guest, be they corporate or leisure, will find a unique and aptly furnished home that is perfect to walk into upon arrival for the first time, as well as every other day. The fully equipped kitchen ensures healthy cooking and homemade meals happen in abundance while the flat screen TV and cable keep guests entertained in the evening. Of course, the option of a balcony or a good view goes seamlessly with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening. No matter what the perfect stay looks like, our facilities, from the cozy living and sleeping quarters to the additional amenities of a gym, sauna, business center and more (if available) create the ideal package for any corporate or leisure guest to enjoy Brooklyn and the rest of New York.

Types of Fort Greene Apartments

Our portfolio, despite its limited access to Fort Greene apartments, still has a variety to choose from. This is because our experienced team knows that every stay and requirement is different for every guest. So there are a few options to consider, from apartments for solo travelers and couples to apartments that are suitable for families and large groups of people. However many guests are staying in our Fort Greene apartments, we can easily cater to all of them.

These are the apartment varieties that we have on offer for our corporate and leisure guests staying in Fort Greene:

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Suitable for solo travelers and couples, these apartments have everything that any corporate or leisure couple requires, along with enough space to spread out if needs be.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - For small families and a small working crew, these apartments have space for everyone whilst being fully equipped to ensure comfort and convenience every step of the way, from the first to the last day.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - Big project groups, rowdy friends and families will find that these huge apartments will cater to their spacious needs. Everyone will have their own private space, while the communal areas can bring everyone together at the end of a long day to enjoy a meal or trashy TV together. For the project workers, there’s enough space for them to work from home too if needs be in order to avoid excursions to the office.

Attractions Near Our Fort Greene Apartments

There are many things for guests to do near Fort Greene, attractions that make the area come alive or play a big role in the character of the borough and city at large. From museums to parks, galleries and so many other attractions, our guests of corporate and leisure will have much to explore in the area without even having to catch the subway to go to Manhattan. As we know that the landmarks and sights play a pivotal role in any journey, and even in the free time of corporate trips, we have placed our apartments in Fort Greene close to the sights and delights in the area so they can access them with ease and bask in the warm glow of culture and entertainment with no hassle whatsoever.

Our Fort Greene apartments are close to the following attractions:

  • Fort Greene Park - The key attraction of the area is the eponymous park, 30.2-acres and the best place in the area to sit down, play a sport and watch the world go by. 
  • New York Transit Museum - Showcasing the progress of the public transport that keeps the city going, this isn’t as boring as it may sound. See how through innovation and imagination that the city of New York is now one of the most connected ones in the world.
  • Brooklyn Borough Hall - While it may not be open to the public, this great hall is still worthy of a snap to go on any social media feed. Or visitors can simply marvel at the architecture and its place in the local government web.
  • Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts - This museum proudly shows off the history that Fort Greene has played in the lives of African Americans as well as examining contemporary social and political justice issues through innovative exhibitions, lectures, and educational programs.
  • The Brooklyn Navy Yard - The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a center of manufacturing and workforce innovation located across 300-acres. It may not be as exciting as other places but it is pivotal to the local economy and more than with a look.
  • UrbanGlass - An art center that offers studios, classes, workshops, exhibitions, and an art shop committed to furthering the use of glass as a creative medium, it is a treat for all those that love innovative ways of doing art.  
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music - The BAM hosts a variety of world-renowned programming in theater, dance, music, opera, film, as well as the visual arts throughout the year. Guests that want to see a performance should book tickets before they arrive so they can see something that’s truly magical. 

Restaurants Near Our Fort Greene Apartments

Going out to dinner is always a treat for guests when they want a change from their Fort Greene apartment’s fully equipped kitchen. They can explore the global delights of the area and indulge all they want in supreme foods that hit the taste buds. All they have to do is venture outside and walk down the trendy streets to something that will tick their boxes. Whether it’s the Asian cuisine, Italian dishes, American grub or French plates, there’s much to feast on here that complements the trendy and hipster vibes that the area perennially gives off. Finding the favorite spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner is not going to be difficult in a place like Fort Greene.

Some of the restaurants near our Fort Greene apartments include the following ones below:

  • LaRina Pastificio & Vino - If pasta is the favorite dish then this is where guests need to go. Eating outdoors has never been so good and their back patio is like a secret garden with ivy on the walls and colorful tiles. Plus, they also do a pasta tasting menu that is affordable on most budgets.
  • Emily - For top-notch food in a nice, casual setting, Emily is where it’s at. With burgers that are as divine as they are scrumptious, an evening out here is not going to be regretted. Potential clients should be aware that they only take reservations for parties of five or more.
  • Walter’s - With a setting that feels like an old-school bar, this is an interesting night out for all involved. The establishment is casual and blends in well alongside the rest of the neighborhood. However guests choose to dress, Walter’s is here to serve the very finest of foods.
  • Karasu - Hidden behind a door in the back of Walter Foods, the food and the cocktails are worth traveling here for as are the fried chicken and ribeye steak. As a Japanese restaurant/bar combo, it is a cool night out for guests that have come to explore Brooklyn in a large group and need somewhere stylish to call home for an hour or so before they go to other bars and clubs.
  • Olea - A neighborhood Mediterranean spot, its menu and casual vibe are versatile, and it is a suitable place for guests to enjoy a range of dishes that will set their taste buds alight...in a good way. Groups, couples, families or solo eaters are more than welcome to spend their late afternoon or evening here whenever they please. It’s the perfect place whenever someone is hungry.
  • Aita - An Italian spot, this charming establishment is another great place for guests to bring their group or team for a slice of Italy. There are the usual favorites that everyone loves and a few hidden secrets that not everyone knows about. The only way to find out is for interested guests to come here and see the menu for themselves.
  • Buka Nigerian Restaurant - A casual Nigerian restaurant in Clinton Hill,  it’s lively and affordable, and is a great place to indulge in goat stew, Nigerian doughnuts, or red snapper with a side of fufu. While not everything will be to everyone’s taste, this a go-to restaurant for when guests want to try something new and really explore the fineries of their taste buds. One thing’s for sure, no one who comes here ends up regretting it. Friends, families, couples and lone souls, this establishment will fill them all up and give them something else to talk about. 

Corporate Fort Greene Apartments

When business travelers stay with us, they require accommodation that is centrally located, close to attractions and is fully furnished from top to bottom with all the amenities that they require for their short or long term stay. And nowadays, being able to work from home is a must, with access to high-speed internet being essential. We know what the needs of modern business travel and accommodation are which is why our Fort Greene apartments tick every box to make our guests happy. They’ll never have any worries about being able to do business again, from the heart of our serviced apartments.

Fort Greene Apartments for Leisure

Not everyone comes to New York and Brooklyn on business. Most in fact come for leisure, to see what needs to be seen and to enjoy all the attractions that the popular city has to offer. For when the desire to relax is a necessity, travelers choose our Fort Greene apartments. They have everything that anyone would need to enjoy the hip Brooklyn neighborhood. Fully equipped for every relaxing moment, they are the pinnacle of style and elegance that leisure is made from. Our leisure guests can simply wake up in their cozy bedroom, make breakfast in their fully equipped kitchen, watch the morning news on the flat screen TV, get ready in their sleek bathroom and then walk out the door of their centrally located apartment where a subway stop is in easy walking distance and then see the delights of NYC. 

Transportation Near Our Fort Greene Apartments

Getting around New York and Brooklyn is simpler than many would think. With the subway stretching across the boroughs and the train stations going from New York state to other states far away, transport is more than simple enough. And while the map may look confusing to many, we know that being in the center of everything, and having fast and efficient transport access is key to any short or long term stay. So when our guests exit their Fort Greene apartments, they’ll have a subway station not too far away that will get them to where they need to get to. 

Some of the nearest subway stations to our Fort Greene apartments include:

  • Fulton St
  • Lafayette Avenue
  • Clinton - Washington Av.
  • Atlantic Terminal
  • Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station
  • Bergen Street Station
  • Nevins St
  • Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts
  • Borough Hall

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