Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

Luxury in Brooklyn is all about the high-end neighborhoods, brownstone or redstone buildings brimming with a sophisticated and historic sense of architecture, and so much more. From smooth wooden finishes in the apartments to modernly-furnished kitchens, a view of the Brooklyn streets to you enjoying wine in our premium crystal glasses in the balcony, such is the experience of our luxury accommodations in Brooklyn. 

Whether you are a solo traveler looking for fun all through your stay, or you are a family group looking for a stay full of peaceful strolls in the NYC parks, our apartments give you complete access and proximity to the best of attractions and experiences that Brooklyn has to offer. With our hospitality and Brooklyn's aesthetic variety, your NYC trip is going to be an absolute hit! 

Our Best Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

From duplexes to riverside apartments, view of the Statue of Liberty to the most sophisticated minimal interiors, our luxury apartments ooze with sophistication and class. The elite location and the finest interiors are the rare combos that we aim to crack. In an expensive neighborhood like Brooklyn, it can only be cracked after enough experience of the NYC markets and thorough knowledge of the amenities. We are proud to have them both which is why we manage to offer the best possible set of luxuries and amenities at such competitive prices. 

Types of Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

Choose from Standard, Executive, and Deluxe apartments in this high-end and a very popular Borough of New York City. All our accommodations come with impressive architecture, furnishing, and a careful set of amenities. Based on the category, the amenities keep adding like gym access, bathtub, sauna, lift access, and many more. Based on your expectations from your upcoming stay and how special are the people accompanying you, all kinds of customizations can be entertained. 

Why Should You Book Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn?

From bagels to experimental theatre, endless restaurants to comedy clubs, Brooklyn is the most populated of all New York Boroughs. Living here is like living right in the center of all the NYC fun and the best possible choice that you could make on your upcoming trip. From business trips to experimental trips to exploring a trendy side of NYC to party your heart out with your family, Brooklyn quite surprisingly has it all. While it lives up to its name with everything ranging from romantic sites to kid-friendly places, restaurants that are family-friendly to attractions that take you back in time, we make sure to do the same with our top-class accommodations here. With our carefully detailed abodes in the heart of the Borough, thanks to the decade long experience that we enjoy here, our travelers have been thoroughly impressed by seeing Brooklyn from our perspective so far. 

Facilities in Our Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

With lavish bedrooms full of designer pieces of art, windows, attached bathrooms, and a lot of space to unwind, comfort is our closest synonym for luxury. The totality of experience is what we aim to provide by not letting any end of your comfort go loose. Enjoy hearty breakfasts with family in the modern kitchen which comes ready to use in your cozy pad. The sturdy and sunlit dining area lets you take care of your nutrition even on the go. You can move around the expansive city without letting any discomforting thoughts cross your mind. Such is the holistic experience that our endless luxury amenities aim to provide.

To list a few, some of our most comforting facilities include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix membership
  • Balcony
  • Fully equipped kitchen

Where Can You Find Our Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn?

From some of the poshest neighborhoods to a whole separate world of the celebrated hippie culture, Brooklyn has the best of both worlds. The variety that we offer in almost all budgets is what helps us be at the top of our game. That is exactly why you can find our luxury apartments in Brooklyn in almost all popular neighborhoods that have something to add to your NYC Experience. 

Our abodes can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • Coney Island - This residential beachside neighborhood is the ideal representative of what luxury should feel like. With the lush beach, amusement park, festive vibe all around, this is the best part of Brooklyn to taste luxury.
  • DUMBO - Arguably one of the most popular neighborhoods of Brooklyn, it is a mix of art, restaurants, brick lanes, and all of this combined with the very pricey high-end vibe. From the popular Grimaldi's Pizzeria to endless art galleries, this is a very popular area to go for.
  • Cobble Hill - With wide streets surrounded by cafes and trees, this is currently the most expensive of all Brooklyn neighborhoods. What better area to experience luxury at its best than this? Even though the New Yorkers aren't known to have the best behaviors but the community feels in this particular area is surely something to cherish. 
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant - What makes Bedford a very popular neighborhood here is its classy vibe. With the brownstone architecture adorning the streets of this residential area, let yourself experience the Renaissance legacy in all its glory. With luxurious apartments and accompanying posh restaurants ideal for fine-dining, the neighborhood is a hit. 
  • Williamsburg - Even though it does come in the top few preferences when one thinks of cozy stays, primarily because of its hippy culture, we somehow know our strengths to transform it to the finest luxury. We have picked its best parts and despite the ever-growing festive vibe here, our luxury apartments in Brooklyn look equally magnificent in its setting.

Corporate Accommodation in Brooklyn 

Brooklyn is all about aesthetic settings, lots of variety, and endless locations and restaurants for client meetings and business discussions. From peaceful parks to co-working spaces, elite cafes to whatnot, it is one of your best options for a business stay. With seamless connectivity to all parts of the city, you can easily reach Manhattan and the Financial District as well. 

While the luxe apartments have your travel and location sorted, the amenities inside the home let you make the most of your trip. From Wi-Fi connectivity 24x7 to grocery packs, couches that turn into comfy beds while you Netflix and chill to nearby restaurants that deliver food in less than half an hour, your corporate stay is going to be no less than a vacation. 

Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn for Families

From riverside to beachside serviced apartments, 2-bedroom to 2-storeyed cozy accommodations, the dense variety has it all. When it comes to luxury, a family vacation is the best time to go for it. We understand how crucial your fam's comfort is for you. That is exactly why our fully-equipped luxury apartments in Brooklyn have got you covered from start to the end of your trip. Whether you like a lavish suite just for you and your partner or a rental that feels like a hotel, a mix of both like the aparthotels, or a replica of your home right here in Brooklyn, you can pick whatever you want. 

There is enough space in every part of our abodes which can ensure the required level of privacy with the kids or even the extended family tagging along. The bathtubs or jacuzzis let you soak in a little longer before you start exploring NYC while the fully-equipped kitchen awaits you with all its modern appliances. From your security and comfort to your meals and travel, with TheSqua.re taking care of your travel, your staycation is in the best hands possible. 

Attractions Near Our Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

I know which is the first attraction that crossed your mind while reading the heading, The Brooklyn Bridge, right? The world already knows some of these iconic representatives of Brooklyn, and so do you. However, there are a few other places and features as well which often manage to escape the traveler’s eye. The thoroughly researched locations of all our luxury apartments in Brooklyn make sure that you miss none at all. After all, a luxury experience must cover them all, right?

From the riverside to the magnificent beach, aquarium to parks and gardens; solo travelers, business officials, families with kids, and all kinds of travel groups love these places equally. Based on our travel experience over the years with both New Yorkers and tourists visiting here, we have picked some of the best attractions for you to visit. We hope you will like them as much as we did. 

Some of the most peaceful yet luxurious attractions near our luxury apartments in Brooklyn include:

  • Coney Island - With hot dogs, Circus, the wonderful beach, and an entire amusement park, it is hands down the best part of Brooklyn to experience. Just enjoy your vacation and live in the moment in this ocean paradise.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Experience this lush beauty of lush green Japanese park full of Cherry Blossoms and thick green bushes and trees. The kid-friendly area is an ideal option to enjoy an evening stroll or a full-fledged picnic during your long stay. 
  • East River State Park - This is a gem that you must explore in the Williamsburg neighborhood. Enjoy the Manhattan skylines while sitting in Brooklyn from this lush green park. Such is the beauty of New York City. 
  • New York Aquarium - Relocated to Riegelmann Boardwalk in 1957, it is one of the Brooklyn star attractions. From live shows of dancing sea lions to marine exhibitions, it is a favorite of travel groups with kids.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park - Sit near the massive river and soak in the beauty of Brooklyn. Whether you wish to enjoy an in-between meal with a view or host a lavish picnic spread, this is the ideal attraction to consider. 
  • Brooklyn Museum - From kids to history and art buffs, head to this iconic museum here which is one of the finest across the world. You can always choose to watch some live performances or exhibitions which match the global level. Not just that, the massive collection of modern art is enough to dive in for half a day.
  • Luna Park Arcade - This is a wonderful place snuggled on Surf Avenue. Let's be honest here that the parks and historic attractions are not all that one needs to get through on a month-long stay. This arcade with HD video games and endless amusement activities, it will keep you sorted and not let NYC bore you even for once. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

From a marvelous view of the calm river in the elitist possible setting to steaks and slow roasts in the most Instagram-worthy setting, Brooklyn will impress all tastes alike. It is good to keep some parameters in mind even when it comes to something as personal as food. If you have pre-decided to try a similar luxury experience like your taste in apartments, then you are in for an absolute treat here. With posh restaurants filling the streets up, your taste buds are in for a delight. However, even if you change your mind mid-vacation and wish to make a direct switch to street food or local eateries, with its unbelievable street variety, Brooklyn will not let you regret your decision even once.

Some of the best restaurants near our luxury apartments in Brooklyn are: 

  • The River Cafe - If there is one place in Brooklyn that is worth dressing up for, this is it! With the breathtaking view of the river, enjoy the most elite fine-dining experience on this posh Water Street restaurant. It is surely expensive but worth every penny.
  • Sunday in Brooklyn - This double-story cozy restaurant is the finest in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The meats and ingredients are freshly and organically sourced and the restaurant owners are the most responsible owners you could ever come across.
  • St. Anselm - This brick-walled restaurant on Metropolitan Avenue is quite popular across the Borough for its seafood and steak spread. The rustic interiors are quite worthy of being on your Instagram. 
  • Lilia - Enjoy homemade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and delicious Italian cuisine in this elite restaurant. The endless variety of wines, quite visible from the seating, is unbelievable. 
  • Al di la Trattoria - With a traditionally royal setup, this beautiful restaurant serves the finest Italian dishes on 5th Avenue. It is romantic, cozy, and family-friendly. The intimate setting makes eating here a special experience.
  • Hometown Bar-b-que - The rustic interiors, the lavish variety, the hearty quantities, and the affordable prices together make it your best option for BBQ in the heart of Brooklyn. It is a must-visit representative restaurant indeed. 
  • Suede - This is a very stylish restaurant to check out on Clarendon Road. Enjoy the Caribbean spread here and a festive feel. The cocktails mixed with rum and Oxtails along with the cute outdoor seating area are a few specialties here. 

Centrally Located Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

The travelers who have experienced our services know it for a fact that the luxury that we offer isn't just confined to the interiors of the apartments. The location and the convenience that comes with it matters equally to us. As you must have read already by now that buses and the subway are the two most popular and cheapest modes of travel in NYC. You will be pleased to know that our classic apartments have been cautiously chosen at walking distance from at least one of these travel stations. 

No matter which type of apartment you go for, the travel convenience can be expected from all. However, the better and more luxurious apartment you go for, it keeps getting easier. For instance, both the B38 bus and Bedford-Nostrand G-train can be reached steps away from our premium range in Bedford Ave. That is the dual perk of this posh neighborhood. 

Some of the common public transport stations near our apartments include:

  • L at Bedford Avenue
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • Classon Ave Subway Station
  • Prospect Av Station

All our properties have been verified by experienced property managers.

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