Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

Also known as “Curry Hill” thanks to its vast array of curry houses and Indian restaurants, Murray Hill is a modern and stylish neighborhood that is more than ideal for young professionals and families that want a slightly quieter part of NYC to call home for a short period of time. When travelers need that special place to relax in when they arrive in the city, they choose our short term rentals in Murray Hill. They are fully equipped with the fine features of a guest’s own home and are ideally situated in the local area so they can be in the heart of everything without having to travel far. It is essential that guests realize that short term rentals in New York have a minimum of 30 days. While that may not seem short to some, it is the policy of the city. As such, guests wanting a shorter stay should look at the other alternatives in New York that can accommodate their needs more successfully.

Our Best Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

We have a range of apartments that will more than suit Murray Hill’s guests, but even a diverse portfolio like ours has apartments that go beyond the ordinary. While it must be said that all of our apartments are the bearers of high standards in many areas, there will always be a few that have that extra streak of style and beauty that set them apart from the rest. All the amenities will be present in all apartments, no matter what type is booked, but guests can expect our best apartments in Murray Hill to have that extra special zeal in their layout and design.

Some of our top Murray Hill short term rentals in New York include the ones below:

Facilities in Our Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

We ensure every last one of our apartments is equipped to the full with amenities that will complete all stays. With their ideal locations, our serviced apartments will also have the ideal amenities and facilities too. As soon as our guests enter their apartment, they will soon discover a space that is uniquely purposed to their needs and requirements. A flat screen TV provides evening entertainment, while the fully equipped kitchen will bring friends and family together to craft healthy meals to share and pass around. Then the living areas are here to be chilled in at the end of a very long day, the possible addition of a balcony makes morning and evening coffees even cooler, and the bedrooms welcome all sleepers with open arms to recharge for the new day ahead.

But then there are the additional amenities like a gym, sauna, spa and more than could be included if the apartment building has one, and depending on the overall length of stay. They will make any stay, even short ones feel like they’re in a class of their own.

Types of Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

Not every stay in New York is going to be the same, and we know that. Some guests will want spacious rooms for themselves, others will desire bigger rooms for their friends and family, while solitary travelers will want smaller rooms with a bit more privacy. Such are the needs and requirements in the world of modern travel that we have a wide selection that can more than accommodate even the largest of groups. All guests need to do is peruse our award-winning portfolio.

These are the types of Murray Hill short term rentals in New York that we have available:

  • Studio - These open-plan accommodation options can be of immense value to couples and solo bookers that want to have privacy and space to go with their short term stay in Murray Hill.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - On the next level up from the studios are these apartments that have the desired amenities that travelers want but not the open-plan arrangement. Not everyone likes the benefits of a studio, and when they don’t, they go for one of these apartments.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - When friends are visiting NYC together or a small family wants suitable accommodation, they go for the 2-bedroomed approach. With more space for everyone and private spaces for when they’re necessary, these are popular with smaller groups for a reason.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - Larger groups like families, project teams and corporate strategists choose these apartment options as they have the space that they require to spread out, do work and enjoy themselves after tiring days. 

Attractions Near Our Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

While many can list the most obvious of New York’s sights and landmarks, there are others that may not get the same attention. On a neighborhood level, each one has its own wealth of attractions, with some housing the ones that we all love. Murray Hill, on the other hand, has experiences that not everyone will know and this provides a new way to enjoy the Big Apple. Architectural marvels, parks, museums, views and so much more are lined up and ready to be admired.

Our Murray Hill short term rentals in New York are close to the following list of attractions:

  • Grand Central Terminal - While the train station may not seem like the most obvious of choices to visit, Grand Central has graced many TV and film screens over the years due to its stunning architecture and layout. Guests should come here, take in the roaring crowds and take a snap of the architectural marvels that appeal most to them before heading back out again.
  • St. Vartan Park - It may not be Central Park but this is still a great green space to head to when wanting to avoid all the mania of the aforementioned park. It is quieter and may well be a better place to bring kids or to sit quietly while the world goes by. Picnics, ball games and more can enlighten the experience. 
  • Scandinavia House, The Nordic Center in America - A host to numerous events, throughout the year coupled with ongoing events in their many galleries, this is more than worth visiting due to its terrace and huge windows. Not to be missed by those that love an architectural marvel.
  • Morgan Library and Museum - This old library has its own vibe to add to the area, hosting knowledge and research that corporate or even leisure travelers may deem worthwhile. 
  • East River Promenade, Kips Bay - A very stunning part of NYC, those that want to see Brooklyn from across the way will want to bring a camera and take that all-important snap to go on Instagram. Otherwise, people can simply take a look and ponder over life,  the universe and everything.
  • Modern Pinball NYC, Kips Bay - When friends and family want to hone their competitive streak, they come here for some pinball action. Fast-paced and very addictive, this is where an entertaining afternoon or evening should be spent; full of fun, drama, accusations of cheating and just a generally great time with friends and family. Afterward, a good meal or a few drinks will be needed to appease the losers.
  • Sniffen Court Historic District - Home to carriage houses and host stables back in the old days, this alley takes its visitors back to the way things were a long time ago before cars zoomed and honked their way through the NYC city streets causing mischief. While it may not seem half as invigorating as some of the other delights to be found in New York, it will appeal to those who really do love their history.
  • Empire State Building - Located close to Murray Hill is this priceless and ever so popular landmark. 102-storeys high, it has been a part of the New York experience for a very long time and has graced the silver screen many times, most notably in King Kong in 1933. While giant beasts certainly don’t climb the building in real life, the view from the top is spectacular, to say the least, and there’s always a couple or two proposing. If there’s one experience that has to be done when in New York, it’s this.

Restaurants Near Our Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

The Big Apple has a wide array of restaurants that serve foods from all over the world. Given the city’s long history of being a safe haven for migrants, this is hardly surprising. Many have left their homes behind yet set up a business to share what they love most about it; the food. Now is the chance, when our guests don’t want to cook for themselves, to see what the proprietors offer and indulge in as much as they want. Another benefit of booking our apartments is that they’re not too far away from the restaurants that serve the very best foods in the neighborhood. Not bad at all.

Our Murray Hill short term rentals in New York are close to the following range of restaurants:

  • Momosan Ramen & Sake - This Ramen establishment is where guests should come to if they want to try different curries and indulge their taste buds in something that will set them alight. 
  • Kajitsu - A haven for vegans, this restaurant has the conscientious foods that vegans adore, whilst having a few dishes of its own to spice up the vegan diet. While not everyone wants to go vegan, this joint could well and truly get a few converters. Not to be missed for a bit of healthy eating in the city.
  • Sons of Thunder - Poke, hotdogs and milkshakes are what they serve here so guests should prepare themselves for tastes and flavors that they recognize and portions that will more than fill them up. While the name makes it sound like a heavy metal joint, it’s actually only interested in delivering the best foods that American hands can produce.
  • Middle Branch - When guests are feeling the need for a few cocktails to end the day, then this is where they’ll head to. Filled with a mix of cool drinks and other side bits, it’s a great pick for anyone that wants a more lively night after a dragging or exhausting day.
  • Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner - Probably one of the last Jewish delis in New York City, this establishment opened way back in 1964 and has always been known for its delightful pastrami. There are other essential picks to be indulged in here, including Kreplach or chicken soup along with burgers. Open 24 hours, it could be the ideal place late at night or early morning for our guests to get much-needed grub.
  • The Shakespeare - Guests can indulge in a pub serving beer and burgers and a more extensive selection of dishes upstairs. Similar to the sophisticated gastro-pub theme in England, the food is tasteful and the menu is constantly evolving. Those Brits that want to feel right at home should probably come to this place to get over their homesickness and taste all the great pub foods that they miss the most.

Corporate Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

Business travelers that want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street will find that our Murray short term rentals will hit all the right buttons. They are fully equipped, boast a central location and are ready to be lived in. Corporates can be close to their offices if they need to be (especially if it’s in Murray Hill) and can a homely space to come back to after when their network lunches and dinners are over for the day. Plus, if they need to work from home or just don’t feel like doing the early subway ride in rush hour, they can simply work from the comfort of their sofa thanks to the free Wi-Fi. That’s corporate travel taken care of.

Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York for Leisure 

As mentioned before, Murray Hill is a quieter neighborhood than other parts of NYC and as such will be a good pick for families and big groups that want stylish and fully modern surroundings to call home for a short period of time. Our apartments, and their fully equipped spaces, are exactly what families and friends want to want to return to after a few hours strolling around the best parts of New York.

Transportation Near Our Murray Hill Short Term Rentals in New York

Some guests may be daunted by the likes of the New York Subway, but it really is simple to use and to reach the point of destination. Far quicker than a taxi that will only get trapped in traffic jams, the subway may not be fun during rush hour but it can shuttle visitors and tourists around to the hotspots of the city with relative ease. Also, more importantly, our apartments are never situated too far from the nearest subway stations in Murray Hill, helping our guests to get to where they need to be in no time and still make it back for dinner.

Our Murray Hill short term rentals in New York will be close to the following subway stations:

  • 33 Street 
  • 28 Street
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • 34 St - Herald Sq 
  • 5 Avenue-Bryant Park
  • 51 St 

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