Murray Hill Tower Apartments, New York

Murray Hill Tower Apartments

The East Side of Manhattan is the place to be and stay when it comes to New York. And there is hardly a better place than Murray Hill. One of the prime residential areas of the borough, the neighborhood is one that is quite sought after. With a range of Indian restaurants in the area, this neighborhood has also earned the name ‘Curry Hill’ for itself. Close to the Grand Central Station with affordable housing settlements, this neighborhood is for the up and coming!

Our Best Murray Hill Tower Apartments 

We strongly believe that if you are planning on staying in Manhattan, then you should definitely get a residence at Murray Hill. Why? Because we know you will love it there! Which is why we have a range of apartments at your disposal where you can plan your home and make the most of this neighborhood? Our apartments are replete with all the basic amenities and top-notch luxury furnishing. They have been designed to make sure that travelers find just the perfect accommodation during their stay here. 

If you are looking for a nice and comfortable place for a stay in Murray Hill, then here are some of our Murray Hill Tower apartments and their locations. You can definitely give a try:

Once you are in New York, you will understand the importance of the Street numbers. They are your basic lifeline and guide. Hence which street the apartment is in will matter the most to you. So, when picking an apartment, you will need to take the Street Number into account. 

The Story of Murray Hill

How did Murray Hill come to be Murray Hill? There is a very fascinating story behind it. There was once a merchant by the name of Robert Murray who belonged to the Murray Family, who were basically Quaker merchants. What did they deal with? Overseas trade and shipping! Robert Murray moved to Pennsylvania from Ireland in the 18th century and finally settled in the area which is today known as Murray Hill. The family estate expanded and thrived here, and hence the name sticks to the day! 

Why Should Guests Book Apartments in Murray Hill?

Well, Murray Hill is one of the most conveniently located areas in Manhattan and as a tourist, you will have access to all the important locations and places to see that the city has to offer. In fact, it is also very well connected with the Grand Central Station being located very nearby. Hence if one wants to travel to places outside the city too, they will have convenient access from here. It is also one of the most happening places in the city with pubs and eateries being located within walking distance in this area. There is a slew of Indian restaurants in this area. And that's the reason for this place is also famously known as 'Curry Hill'.

In short, Murray Hill is a place that has everything that a tourist needs. 

Facilities in Our Murray Hill Tower Apartments

To make the best of one's stay here, as a tourist or even for business purposes, the basic essentials need to be taken care of and hence that is what our Murray Hill Tower apartments focus on. They are well provided with basic amenities like a kitchen, where you can make yourself the meal that you desire. Replete with an oven, cooking top, and other basic culinary necessities, you will not have a problem in finding what you need. The bathrooms are also well provided, while the bedrooms come with the basic amenities that one needs for their comfort. 

We know how essential it is to get a good night’s rest and our bedroom have all that you might need for it – from clean sheets to comfy pillows, our apartments have it covered. There is also flat-screen television for entertainment. The rooms are air-conditioned along with internal heating to provide you with the essential comfort. Apart from this, you can also enjoy complimentary gyms if available on site and can also opt for paid laundry services. The basic amenities remain the same in all our apartments.

Types of Murray Hill Tower Apartments

We understand that people travel with different kinds of purposes. For some, they travel solo for business purposes, while some like to travel on their own only. Others travel with their family. Hence the range of Murray Hill Tower apartments that we have, we try to cover varied types, so that people can find what they are looking for in terms of places to stay. 

Here are some of the apartment types that we can offer: 

  • Studio - If you are looking for a cozy and convenient stay with easy access to your basic amenities and needs, then you should opt for this one. If you are traveling solo, then this is a great option. 
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Whether you are traveling with your family or with your partner you would want to enjoy a nice and comfortable stay. You can opt for these 1-bedroom apartments.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Family travel demands spread-out areas and larger rooms so, if you are traveling with family, then it is safest to opt for 2 bedroom apartments.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - If you are traveling with your friends or in a large group, or if you have a large number of family members traveling with you, go for the 3 bedroom apartments.

Corporate Murray Hill Tower Apartments

One of the best parts of the apartments in this area is that they are ideal for business tours and travels. Being small and charming, if you are looking for a place with all the basic amenities, then you can go for these apartments. From cooking the meal of your choice of spending a leisurely time in the evening, these apartments in Murray Hill work out well for those who are traveling for business purposes as well. On top of that, they are centrally located which makes commuting really easy.

Murray Hill Tower Apartments for Leisure 

When you are traveling for leisure, either with your friends or family, you will surely find a place in all or either one of the Murray Hill Tower Apartments. You can have rooms of different numbers and basic amenities and more when it comes to these apartments. For sure, if you want, you can also have all your leisurely needs met here. Murray Hill offers so many places to see and activities to do, which makes it a captivating and charming place to stay.

Things to Do When in Murray Hill

It is without a shade of doubt that Murray Hill is a strikingly attractive tourist destination, with a lot of things to do and try out in this area, especially for a tourist. There’s so much to see and do that days will be needed to see everything close up. So, these are some of the places that you can definitely visit when you are in Murray Hill: 

  • Grand Central Terminal - If you are interested in exploring some fine architecture, then do head out to the northwest corner of Murray Hill at the GCT. In fact, if you want, after a long day, you can try out the concourse of dinner here as well.
  • St. Vartan Park - Feeling like a stroll in the park? Well, then you can surely try out the Shady park. Children love it and if you want you can catch a couple of nice moments with your travel buddies under the shade of the trees here. 
  • Scandinavia House, The Nordic Center in America - How about a gallery with a terrace from where you see Park Avenue. Well, if you are in the mood for something sauve and elegant, then we suggest you head out to this place. A host to numerous events, coupled with ongoing events in their many galleries, this is a place worth visiting. And the highlight of it? It’s gorgeous windows!
  • Morgan Library and Museum - Want to catch up on some reading and gather some information with a fine exhibition? Well, then we suggest that you try out this place. 
  • East River Promenade, Kips Bay - This is one of the most beautiful areas of the city. You can talk a walk while soaking in the beauty of the water bodies and see towards Brooklyn!
  • Modern Pinball NYC, in Kips Bay - Vacationing with the family? Missing the fun of some pinball action? Well, then take them along to this place and make a day of it!
  • Sniffen Court Historic District - Are you all about revisiting the old lanes and looking back into the history of a place? Then this is one place that you have to try out. Once the home to carriage houses and host stables, this alley will surely take you back on a journey to the past. 
  • Empire State Building - Yes, the famous Empire State Building is located very near Murray Hill. Go for a walk and stop there. Do not forget to take a ride up to the top from where you will get a breathtaking view of Manhattan. 

Restaurants Near Our Murray Hill Tower Apartments

So, the thing about Murray Hill is that it is also known as ‘Curry Hill’ as you know. And you know why too! Then, how can you not try out the various places to eat that this place has to offer? You will surely be spoilt for choices when it comes to restaurants here. So, which are the ones that have to try out? Here's is an especially curried list for you:

  • Momosan Ramen & Sake - Ramen is what you like, is it? Then you cannot miss out on the delicious dishes and curries that this place will have to offer you. 
  • Kajitsu - Vegan places are not hard to find here in Murray Hill. If you want to visit one which is extremely reliable and experimental with its dishes, try out this one.
  • Delectica - Have you ever tried out an Israeli breakfast? If you are staying at a no-frills breakfast and lunch place, then we strongly recommend you to head out to this one for your meals. 
  • Sons of Thunder - In the mood for some poke and of course hotdogs and milkshake? Then just head out of your apartment and make your way to this one.
  • Middle Branch - Craving cocktails? Well, then you can go to the Middle Branch for a nice time. If you are traveling with your friends, then do make it a point to visit this place.

The list for Murray Hill is a long one. Try these out and do not be afraid of exploring a few finds on your own!

Transportation Facilities Near Murray Hill

What’s the best way to move around to other parts of the city when staying in Murray Hill? Well, it is one of the most centrally located places and well-connected ones when it comes to the Eastern side of Manhattan. Since it is primarily a residential area, you will find all the common modes of transport that one can hope for over. This makes it a very easily accessible place. 

In fact, since the Grand Central Station is located nearby, you can actually make travel plans. For Murray Hill, the best suggestion is to explore the various streets and that can be done only when you walk. You can also flag a cab when you get tired of walking. You can look for other available public modes of transport too! All in all, moving in and to and fro in Murray Hill, will not be a problem. 

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