Studio Apartments in Central Park

Studio Apartments in Central Park

Heading to NYC for a business trip? Our studio apartments in Central Park are elegantly curated to suit all possible needs for a homely business stay. Our studio abodes are all about compact living, fine interiors, and top-notch living standards. Settled right amidst the most popular neighborhoods of Manhattan, our serviced apartments aim to provide you with the most complete NYC experience possible. While Central Park itself will be at a negligible distance from your doorstep, you can easily catch a train or a bus at walking distance for exploring most other parts of the city. 

With location, amenities, and comfort listed as our prime goals, picking a luxurious stay with us would ensure a fantastic start to your trip already!

About Central Park

Before going through any of our studio apartments in Central park, you must know the legacy that the attractions behold. Central Park boasts of being the 5th largest public park in the city and the first landscaped one in the U.S. No wonder it alone attracts almost 42 million visitors to New York every year. You can enjoy everything here from fishing programs and iconic carousels for kids to the fantastic zoo. The open-theater in summers is a delight for adults while the historic sculptures like Alice and Gunpowder rock make it even more fascinating. 

Some fascinating facts about this Manhattan gem that just cannot be missed are:

  • With the area measuring 843 acres, the huge park is not only one of the highest visited Manhattan attractions but also one of the largest parks in the country. 
  • The terrain of the historic park is quite impressive in itself. It is a mix of grassy meadows, rocky lands, smaller slopes, and waters. 
  • The park is home to one of the longest and the widest fountains of the city and the country, the Bethesda Fountain.
  • It even has a huge reservoir representative of the park itself. It is spread over a massive 106 acres of area. 
  • It has been extremely popular as the most filmed location on a global scale. 
  • Last but not least, it has been listed as the most globally filmed site over the years. 

Our Best Studio Apartments in Central Park

Our dedicated team at TheSqua.re has put together its decade-long experience of curating dreamy abodes in NYC to come up with an irresistible catalog of serviced apartments in the heart of Central Park. As far as your time after work or travel is concerned, our cozy apartments have all the comforts to get you at ease. A comforting homemade meal or a hot water bath, a view from the window or the balcony to a relaxed seamless movie night at home, you are well-covered!

Right below are some of our most compact studio apartments in Central Park:

Why Should You Book Our Studio Apartments in Central Park?

Whether you have a knack for luxury or you like things neatly set in a justified budget, if curling up in your bed is your idea of a good evening or a relaxing bath is your idea of an ideal stay, you have all the reasons to consider our studio abodes here. You can seamlessly travel to work every day with public transportation available right from your doorstep. While the in-house kitchen and restaurants keep your food scenes sorted, the Wi-Fi, Netflix, and TV keep you entertained as much as you want. With such a homely living experience offering an equally convenient distance to prime Manhattan attractions, this is the perfect stay you could opt for!

Facilities in Our Studio Apartments in Central Park

Even though you can get the quickest order-ins, our modernly-furnished kitchen lets you enjoy hygienic and healthy meals right at home. Our elegantly decorated apartment interiors promise a sophisticated living experience while our years of housing and hospitality experience ensure a grand stay. You are free to expect all kinds of work comforts ranging from high-speed Wi-Fi for Zoom meetings to a cozy couch and pleasant ambiance to make you feel at home. Based on your budget you can choose your luxuries just as you like. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our studio apartments in Central Park stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Free parking
  • Oven and microwave
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Dishwasher
  • Lift & gym access
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Balcony

Where Can You Find Our Studio Apartments Near Central Park?

Each Manhattan neighborhood has its unique taste and character to offer. From the vintage grandeur to the hipster vibe, the cozy tucked corners to the poshest hype, Manhattan has it all. You can pick from our wide variety of studio abodes snuggled in almost every part of the area. Whether you wish to stay closest to Central Park to enjoy a rare view of the Cherry Blossoms right from your balcony or you have a more budgeted studio option in mind, our eclectic catalog has enough gems to comfort you on your terms. 

It would be wrong to say that Central Park falls in any particular neighborhood as it borders multiple Manhattan neighborhoods at once. With Midtown brushing on the South, Upper West & East Side on the North, and Columbus Circle on the South-west, you have a lot of options to consider. 

A few lesser-known neighborhoods from different sides can be spotted below:

  • Yorkville - A relatively quieter area of Manhattan to consider, it is rich, diverse, and quite convenient to explore. 
  • Lenox Hill - It is a very interesting neighborhood of the Upper East Side with lots of cultural spots, restaurants, and high-end stores. 
  • Hell's Kitchen -  It is a less expensive pick for Manhattan neighborhoods in the West. Also known as Clinton, it is quite a closely-knit area to experience.
  • Upper East Side - It is one of the poshest ones that NYC has and is home to some very fancy designer boutiques and restaurants.
  • Upper West Side - With the American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center, it is one of the most affluent neighborhoods. 

Corporate Accommodation in Central Park 

With the entertainment hub of Times Square and the leisure hub of Central Park being at the nearest distance from the location of your stay, your time off work is well taken care of. Coming to the inside experience with us, our experts have aimed at providing the most comforting stay on your trip to NYC. The speakers connected to the flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, Netflix membership, and fluffy beds together ensure that you are fully entertained and comforted even at home. 

The modern appliances installed and ready to use let you push all the other living hassles away and focus only on work and fun. If you are looking at a stay that requires endless networking outside the office, the entire catalog of restaurants and eateries around will surely win you compliments in taste. 

Best Attractions Near Our Studio Apartments in Central Park

Everyone needs a break after long office hours. In a city like NYC, one surely needs to make the most of the stay here. While we understand that business trips are often quite hectic when it comes to time, our curators have made it possible to explore Central Park and the rest of Manhattan in the most convenient way possible. Hop from one museum to another or go party the night out in Times Square, take a date to the iconic Reservoir or the Conservatory Garden, or just swing on the carousel to relive your childhood. Believe it or not, all these experiences are just within walking distance from our studio apartments in Central Park.

Some of the most popular attractions near our studio apartments in Central Park include:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art - Nobody would like staying around Central Park and missing out on one of the world’s largest and finest art museums. It has everything ranging from ancient to contemporary art and everything in between.
  • Times Square - Try the plethora of restaurants, theaters, shops, and experiences that flood Times Square every night. A perfect attraction to eat, drink, party, and enjoy after a long hectic day at work.
  • Hallett Nature Sanctuary - For the mornings or evenings you feel like taking a break, come to this peaceful spot to spot birds, sit around the pond area, enjoy a fresh meal while you are at peace here. A nature walk is always a good idea. 
  • The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir - Spread in a whopping 106 acres of land, this water reservoir is huge and breathtaking. It dates back to 1862. It is a great place to be around nature and have fun with kids playing around. 
  • Bethesda Fountain - Standing at a majestic height of 26 feet and with the breadth of a whopping 96 feet, this celebrated neoclassical attraction boasts of being one of the largest NYC fountains. 
  • American Museum of Natural History - With huge science installations to dinosaurs and celestial bodies, the famous museum is home to a lot of elaborate visuals. It offers the perfect informative mix of science, history, and leisure, especially for kids. 
  • Wollman Rink - What can be better than going for an ice skating afternoon with your gang. It is one of the most beautiful views to enjoy not only in Central Park but all of NYC in winter.
  • Central Park Carousel - The traditional carousel enjoys an incomparable legacy since the 1870s. The historic ride is beautified by intricately handcrafted horses and a very quirky vibe. 
  • Central Park Zoo - An absolute favorite among families visiting New York with kids. Expect anything from friendly penguins and grizzly bears to 4D Theatre here. Don't miss the children's songs near Delacorte Musical Clock.
  • Conservatory Garden - This beautiful and neatly maintained European garden is a perfect place to get a shoot done. The place brims with flowers, couples, and nature. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Studio Apartments in Central Park

The variety that this wonderful area offers, both in terms of tastes and budgets, is unparalleled. Each of our urban pads snuggled here makes sure to make you a part of the celebration of taste here. From breakfast joints to corporate brunch spots, a cute restaurant for a date night to a fun bar for a crazy weekend, expect all kinds of food fun surrounding your chosen home with us. 

Some of the most popular restaurants near our studio apartments in Central Park include:

  • Jacob's Pickles - This authentic American restaurant is just 1 kilometer away from Central Park. It is one of the most popular eateries around. It is most popular for serving the best chicken menu, incredible brunches, and for its comforting taste. 
  • Loeb Boathouse - Imagine yourself savoring an elaborate meal while your eyes immerse in the beauty of the waterfront view right from your seat. This magnificent restaurant offers a perfect corporate meeting spot with consistent taste.
  • Maxwell's Central Park - A rustic restaurant ideal for a business meeting right around Central Park. The vibrant vibe, New American taste, and craft cocktails are a few notable advantages.
  • BG Restaurant - If you want to dine in style, this aesthetic gem can be found at the Bergdorf Goodman store. Enjoy a hearty shopping spree and head straight to the 7th floor for an unmatched dining experience.
  • Land - This Asian specialty restaurant serves the most comforting Thai food around Central Park. Reasonable prices and an impressive variety of food that makes it stand out. Its menu offers gluten-free dishes as well.
  • Sarabeth’s - A posh breakfast and brunch restaurant ideal for quick breakfast on the go or even a client meeting. The warm and friendly ambiance is quite pleasing. 
  • Bemelmans Bar - The top favorite bar and restaurant for almost every local you meet, this is a great spot for a relaxed evening after work. Apart from excellent taste, its hand-painted walls by Madeline author Ludwig Bemelman make it a treasure. 
  • Harry Cipriani - Just in case you need to refresh your taste buds with entirely different cuisine, head here to enjoy the taste of Venice. A close replica of the iconic Harry’s Bar, this is the perfect spot for classic Italian picks. 
  • Blossom on Columbus - An LGBTQ+ friendly incentive restaurant chain serving an innovative all-vegan menu across NYC. The soothing use of earth tones in the plating and interior is a delight as a whole. 
  • Uno Pizzeria & Grill - Head here for steaks, burgers, pasta, and authentic Chicago-style pizzas in the heart of Columbus Avenue. Enjoy a sports telecast or a quick bite on the go here. 

Transportation Near Our Studio Apartments in Central Park

Hudson and New Haven are the two trains that can be boarded to easily reach Central Park. Our exclusive abodes have been carefully stationed at walking distance from Subway lines B and C. If you are on a tight business schedule, the connectivity of our accommodations with Central Park, the surrounding attractions, and the rest of the happening city will make your transitions the smoothest here.

As far as moving within the huge park is concerned, walking on foot is your best option. Don't even expect to see all of it on your first trip, let alone first visit. If not, you can always choose from horse carriages, rented bicycles, and pedicab tours. If you want to get into the vibe, you can go for roller blades as well.

The nearest subway stations near our studio apartments in Central Park include:

  • 92 St 
  • 96 St
  • 98 St 
  • 94 St 

Keep track of the following buses which halt near Central Park and our studio apartments here:

  • M1
  • M10
  • M11
  • M2
  • M103
  • BXM11
  • BXM4

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