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The cosmopolitan city-state Singapore is one of the world’s leading economic and business hubs. Located in south-east Asia, Singapore has grown into a hot travel destination because of its rich cultural and tourist-friendly atmosphere. Clean and safe, Singapore attracts thousands of leisure and corporate travelers every year. If you are traveling to Singapore, staying there can never be a challenge, as the city has thousands of tourist-friendly accommodations. However, finding the perfect place which can give you enough space, luxury amenities, and unlimited comfort can be difficult. Our Singapore accommodation is a perfect combination of all these and much more. No matter if you are visiting the city for business or pleasure, we have serviced apartments in every part of the city for you. 

Singapore was one of the most important port cities during the British colonial era and remnants of that time are still found in some fine 19th-century architecture. While the earlier settlements had existed on the island, Singapore’s development kick-started during the 19th century by mass immigration from across Asia. This makes the place home to an ethnic mix of Chinese, Malays, and Indians, as well as people from across the world. While you will find gleaming skyscrapers, there are still old temples and mosques present in this multicultural city. With one of the most popular business, shopping, and tourist hubs, Singapore today is a high-tech metropolis with a good-time spirit. The clean and safe city-state is often referred to as boring by some of the tourists, however, if we have to define it properly then it's a well managed, tourist-friendly place with peace-loving people around.  

A tourist-friendly and safe traveled destination, and a popular business hub due to its strategic location, Singapore quest for efficiency. The city-state has exciting nightlife and exceptional places to eat. Those days are gone when Singapore was only known as a stopover, and the reason could be its enormous malls. Today, Singapore is a dream travel destination for the age group and all types of travelers. No matter whether you are traveling with family for leisure or business, staying at our Singapore accommodation will give you an enjoyable stay experience in this multicultural city. 

Our Best Singapore Accommodation

Our serviced apartments in Singapore are designed to keep your travel and staying requirements in mind. If you are traveling to the city-state with kids and the entire family, you will need a spacious well-equipped apartment with all the amenities like kitchen appliances, entertainment units, and separate bedrooms. 

Our 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are designed for those travelers who are looking for privacy and comfort with enough space. If you are traveling solo or with your spouse for a romantic vacation and lots of shopping, we have compact studio and 1 bedroom apartments designed with all amenities and facilities within reach for you to have a great time. For friends traveling together or backpackers traveling in a group, these apartments have comfy beds, couches, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and much more for you to have a gala time. Also, our Singapore accommodation will be perfect for a short or long duration of stay in the city. 

When you want to book Singapore accommodation, these are the best ones for your trip: 

Why Pick Our Singapore Accommodation?

The metropolis is considered to be costly due to which many travelers try to skip Singapore while traveling to South-east Asia. However, our affordable serviced apartments can be a great choice as you can stay within your budget while visiting Singapore. Also, if you do not like to cook in the well-equipped modular kitchen, our serviced apartments are located close to many good, well-known food streets, hawkers street, and popular dine-ins. Our apartments are located close to tourist attractions and popular business and shopping hubs, which makes it easier for our guests to travel within the city. The amenities are endless at our Singapore apartments, be it the flat-screen TV, entertainment unit, free high-speed Wi-Fi, or the in-house gym, swimming pool, or restaurants and cafes. Staying at these fully furnished apartments can never make you feel home-sick as these are designed to give you a home-like experience. 

Facilities in Our Singapore Accommodation

You name it and we have it. All our apartments are loaded with facilities and amenities. The time you enter the house, you will find a welcome kit and a  beautiful living space with great Singapore skyline views. We take our guest’s safety as our topmost priority and for that, we have installed a fully secured door-lock, onsite security, secured lift access, 24/7 surveillance, first aid kit, and fire safety equipment. The living rooms have comfortable and sleek furnishing for you to have a luxurious experience. There is a complimentary Wi-Fi, entertainment unit, flat-screen TV, couches, bin bags, and chairs. These apartments have separate dining and kitchen areas for our guests to enjoy a peaceful meal after a long day, be it due to shopping or work, or traveling. The kitchen is equipped with all modern amenities and facilities, starting from hob, microwave, oven, coffee-maker to all the utensil you need to cook a healthy meal. 

There is a separate bedroom with an attached bathroom if you are traveling with family and need a bigger space. All the bedrooms have a comfy bed with premier linen, dresser, bedsheet table, cupboard, and extra bedding. The bathrooms have toiletries, make-up mirrors, a hairdryer, and much more. If you do not want to skip your fitness regime while traveling then we have an on-site gym, swimming pool, sauna and spa, and much more. 

Types of Our Singapore Accommodation

You can pick from our extensive catalog of accommodations in Singapore. If you are traveling alone or in a group, our fully furnished Singapore accommodation is perfect for your short or long duration of stay. If you are traveling with a group of friends or with your family, we have spacious 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for you. For solo travelers or couples traveling to the city, there is a compact studio and 1 bedroom apartment with a separate kitchen and living area. We have various sizes and spaces well decorated to meet your requirement. 

  • Studio - These are compact and fully furnished with all the amenities and facilities that you might need during your stay. If you are traveling solo or with your life partner for a vacation to the metropolis,  these apartments are perfect for you. 
  • 1 Bedroom - More spacious and airy, this 1 bedroom Singapore accommodation will give you more space to enjoy and relax with your loved ones. With separate kitchen and living and dining areas, these apartments are perfect for a cozy comfortable vacation.
  • 2 Bedroom - If you are traveling with family or friends and need more privacy and space, these 2 bedroom apartments are apt for you. Separate bedroom with attached bathrooms, kitchen, and dining room with a living room, these apartments will make your holiday a fine one.
  • 3 Bedroom - Singapore is perfect for a family vacation with kids and if you are planning to do so, then these 3 bedroom spacious apartments will be perfect for your entire family to stay. These luxurious apartments are comfortable and well-equipped for you to enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. 

Tourist Attractions Near Our Singapore Accommodation

The high-tech metropolis is one of the hot destinations among tourists. Be it Sentosa or Singapore city, there are so many places to visit and things to do in Singapore, that you will not be able to finish visiting all at once. 

Here are a few of the top tourist attractions near our Singapore accommodation: 

    • Chinatown - Back in 1819 when Stamford Raffles came to Singapore and started developing the city, Chinatown was one of the designated areas for ethnic groups. Chinatown has colorful shops, streets filled with lights, and hawker centers with delicious food options. The lavish Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is also located in the area which is a must-visit. The street food here is a major attraction for tourists along with small souvenir shopping. 
    • Little India - Another designated area for the ethnic groups, Little India is a thriving destination in Singapore for shopping, food, and heritage walk. The cultural mix of Singapore is visible in these areas. The area is bustling with shops, restaurants and the midst of which temples are carrying the heritage of the city. You can enjoy delicious Indian cuisine here and shop at an affordable price. Do not forget to visit the 24-hour Mustafa Centre, if you are nearby to this neighborhood. If you are coming in October or November, you might experience the amazing colorful Deepavali Festival here. 
    • Gardens by the Bay - One of the most famous tourist destinations in Singapore city, Gardens by the Bay is one of the recent additions to the Marina Bay land reclamation project. Your trip might be incomplete if you haven't been to this area. It is famous for its Supertree Grove made up of several herculean tree-like structures that are essentially individual vertical gardens. You can come here for a stroll and click some good pictures as the views from the aerial walkway is stunning. Cloud Forest with its Cloud Mountain, the Flower Dome, and the Dragonfly Lake are must-visit here. 
    • Sands Skypark - If you like to click some more good pictures, then Marina Bay Sands Skypark is a great place for you. This observation deck looks like the bow of a ship is on the 57th floor and provides a stunning panoramic view of the city. However, if you want to click a picture from the best-known infinity pool at Marina Bay, you will have to stay at the hotel. 
    • MacRitchie Reservoir - Located in the heart of the city, the MacRitchie Reservoir is a green carport amidst all the glamorous high-rises of Singapore. If you want to escape from the urban jungle then this woodland escape is the best place for you. You can just go for a walk in the trails or opt for kayaking here. This is a great place to come and unwind and relax your eyes from the city and it’s building. 
    • The Singapore Flyer - This is another great place in Singapore to enjoy amazing skyline views and click some more great pictures. Each observation wheel’s capsule offers a 30 minutes ride and the best skyline views. You can never get bored with this outstanding city’s skyline views. Enjoy a beautiful sunset here with your loved ones. 
    • Changi Chapel & Museum - This place is dedicated to the 50,000 soldiers and civilians killed during the 1942-45 Japanese occupation. The museum stored letters, drawings, and many artifacts of Changi Prison inmates. If you are someone who likes to know about the history of the place you are traveling to, then you should visit this place. There are guided tours and audio guides available for you to understand the city’s history better. The museum includes a copy of the famous Changi Murals, painted by a prisoner of war, and a replica of the Changi Chapel. 
    • National Museum of Singapore - Another great place for history and heritage lovers, this is one of Asia's best history museums. The Palladian mansion has four permanent Living Galleries showcasing the history, food, fashion, and photography and films for Singapore. 
    • Night Safari - If you are traveling with kids, or even if you aren’t, the award-winning Night Safari of Singapore is a must-visit. Spread over 100 acres, this place showcases 2500 animals living in their natural habitat within its 7 zones. You can opt for a tram ride, walking trails, or jeep safari to experience this unique place. 
    • Sentosa Island - Sentosa is home to the famous Universal Studios Singapore, Marine Life Park, 4D AdventureLand, beaches, and many more such adventures and themed parks. You can also visit Fort Siloso and Tiger Sky Tower which is Singapore's highest viewing tower. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Singapore Accommodation: 

Singapore is a food-lovers paradise offering Chinese, Indian, and local Malay delicacies. From Little India to hawkers centers to Chinatown, the city is filled with delicious food options. From street food to dine-in Singapore is loaded with good food. Listing out the best ones might be controversial as there are hundreds of places here with exceptionally good food. 

Here are a few of the famous restaurants near our Singapore accommodation: 

  • 328 Katong Laksa - This place offers an exceptionally tasty local dish called laksa noodles. The menu here is short however the food here is a must-try. Go for Lightly spiced laksa noodles, chunky fish otah (fresh mackerel wrapped in banana leaf), or nasi lemak (coconut rice with toppings). 
  • Rang Mahal - Combining western ingredients with Indian spices, this place offers great decor and tasty food. Try out their flavourful dishes with your family and friends here. 
  • Candlenut - This is the world's first Peranakan restaurant that earned a Michelin star. Caring for the heritage and culinary habits of his family, Chef Malcolm Lee mixes modern and ancient Chinese dishes. Traditional dishes like yeye curry with fried pastry cups, bakwan kepiting (chicken broth with crab and pork balls and sliced bamboo shoots), and the buah keluak (an earthy black nut) curry with local chicken are some of the best dishes here. 
  • Corner House - Located in UNESCO World Heritage Site and historic home of an early 20th-century British botanist, this is an experiential dine-in. The signature Cevennes Onion showcases the craftsmanship of Singaporean chef Jason Tan.

Cost of Our Singapore Accommodation

All our apartments in Singapore are designed keeping the budget and requirements of our guests in mind. Affordable, well-managed, fully-furnished apartments, and pocket-friendly these are luxurious and comfortable as well. You can provide your requirement and budget during the booking and we will make sure that we provide you all of those within your budget. 

Transport Near Our Singapore Accommodation

Singapore’s well-constructed transport system makes traveling and commuting extremely quick and efficient. Our Singapore accommodation is close to these MRT stations or just a few minutes’ walk from there. Inexpensive and organized, Singapore’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) system is the best way to travel within the city. You can also travel through MRT from Changi Airport to the city. Apart from MRT, there are bus and taxi services and car rentals available.

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