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Zürich is a metropolitan city that is growing day by day and thus attracting millions of visitors every year. From an ancient city, it has now grown into a dynamic, cultural, industrial and financial centre of Switzerland. The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is filled with expats, working professionals, and students and is a city with a high standard of living, which means accommodation as well as restaurants, will be very expensive. To ease the pain of finding good accommodation, travellers should rent a room in Zurich. It’s the best option, as it offers the visitor more than what was bargained for.

Renting a room is easier than most travellers would think. There are a wide variety of options that are available all over the city. TheSqua.re has its own serviced accommodation options that deliver the cosy and warm interiors that every business or leisure traveller needs throughout their stay. Whether it’s delicate furnishings, strong colours, plush furniture or luxury linen, this is what the best apartments offer.

All furnished rentals in Zurich associated with TheSqua.re, are centrally located, fully furnished and ready to move in anytime without any hassle. Also, guests don’t have to rush or abide by the rules of the hotels regarding food, as they can cook up a quick meal before setting out to explore the city. These room rentals in Zurich are designed for a traveller’s peace of mind. The amenities here include a living space that is equipped with a bed with a high-quality mattress and pillows, bedside tables, television, Wi-Fi, and a small dining table. The kitchen, on the other hand, is well-equipped with everything including a dishwasher, stove, fridge, oven and a nice counter to cut all the vegetables and fruits. A few rental rooms also have washing machines and dryers, but travellers can also opt for laundry service instead of wasting their time in doing the laundry by themselves.

TheSqua.re has its furnished rentals located within the city’s premises and the travellers will find it easy to explore the city by just walking. Zurich has its own festivities where the entire city comes to life and those who want to be a part of the grand celebrations of the city’s festivals can visit in April where the city will be celebrating its annual traditional festival Sechselauten. Here along with the guild procession, the ritualistic burning of a snowman takes place. Knabenschiessen is a sharp-shooting festival for young people that takes place in September. And during the late winter, Zurich Carnival or the Fasnacht, where the entire city will be bustling with colourful, wild and loud festive ambiance. Street Parade is yet another festivity that one has to look out for in August. It started in the year 1990 and is joined by the entire city and tourists to shake a leg to techno music.

Museums and art galleries are other attractions of Zurich where scientific collection, historic paintings, modern and swiss paintings are displayed for the tourists. These tourist attractions are something that should not be missed, especially for those who are interested to know about the grand history of the European culture. Raemistrasse is one of the museum that should not be missed, located in the City Centre, it is famously called an art mile. The Swiss National Museum and Kunsthaus Zurich are other museums and art galleries to look out for. Some of our furnished rentals are within close proximity to such attractions and thus they are even more convenient for travellers that want to be close to everything.

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