Self Catering Somerset

Self Catering Somerset

Self catering Somerset in Singapore brims with a very charming ambiance, welcoming country vibe, and an extremely pleasant location for the most heartwarming vacation. Guests often expect to be smitten by the soothing surroundings, privacy, and nature that they feel here and our Somerset holiday cottages have been designed to offer that and much more. 

Our exclusive catalog of luxury apartments in Singapore makes living at your own term even in a new space easier and doable. It is the collective outcome of these visions to make these rentals feel like your second home is what fuels TheSqua.re portfolios and properties and Somerset happens to be a big part of that successful vision. 

Our Best Self Catering Somerset in Singapore

Like any other highly potential vacation hub, we do have a personal pick of favorites even in Somerset. What makes Singapore abodes stand apart from the rest is the excellent location picks, the interior vibe, the undeniably impressive list of luxury amenities that each of them offers, and undoubtedly the growing love of guests who have picked and loved our self catering Somerset apartments to bits over the past few years. The eclectic list of features and comforts that we have managed to curate using our decade-old experience is what makes us confident about this clean pick. You can skim through some of them below:

Why Should You Book a Self Catering Somerset Serviced Apartment?

Fully-furnished apartments are a dream come true for travelers who adore a nestled little paradise in a foreign city. Whether you are a writer who needs some space alone or a business person who needs a private pad while you work here, even if you are a family who is here on vacation, self catering 

Singapore somerset apartments are a perfect match for you. From a full-fledged kitchen to a fully-furnished home-like setting, with our rentals snuggled amidst the greenery and waters of Somerset is our impressive accommodation that will win your hearts all over again.

Facilities in Our Self Catering Somerset Apartments

Travelers of today like to enjoy a break from their busy lives. A location like Somerset and an accommodation like our bespoke and rustic range of serviced apartments and cottages make all the difference in making this a possibility.       

One can expect an entire entertainment setup including TV, Netflix, speakers, all set with high-speed Wi-Fi to enjoy some time off with family or alone. Eating right is also a concern among most travelers so an in-house kitchen set with ingredients and groceries is a game-changer as you can cook whatever and whenever you like. 

Our concierge desk and online team make sure that you get familiar with some local gems, attractions for the perfect sunset or breakfast restaurants to look out for. A business center for business travelers to a balcony with wine and scented candles for couples, you are packed for an effortless vacation in Somerset with us.                                              

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