Service Apartments in Singapore for a Week

Service Apartments in Singapore for a Week

Whether visiting for a week or for the long term, serviced apartments are a great accommodation option for guests who wish to come and go as they please. Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, with millions of visitors choosing to make the journey every year due to the region’s vibrant culture and history. Many of these visitors opt for the comfort and flexibility of a serviced apartment over the hustle and bustle of a local hotel, and it’s not hard to see why.

Serviced apartments act as self-contained homes away from home for guests staying in Singapore and looking to explore the island at their own pace. The comfortable furnishings within each apartment guarantee restful nights for all guests, and the wide range of amenities on offer is all that is needed in order to turn a week-long visit into a lifetime of memories.

All serviced apartments in Singapore come complete with flat screen TVs, free high-speed Wi-Fi, plush living rooms and cosy bedrooms. Fully equipped kitchens allow for the preparation of home-cooked meals in the event that guests do not wish to spend a week dining out, and a handy local public transport network means that the sights and sensations of the island are easily accessible wherever the apartment is located. Comfort and convenience doesn’t have to break the bank, after all.

Singapore consists of many diverse neighbourhoods, each offering a variety of accommodation options. Visitors staying in the central area of Bukit Panjang can enjoy the greenery of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Singapore Zoo. Serviced apartments on Sentosa Island benefit from close proximity to the local recreation hubs, including several amusement parks and golf courses. The range of locations on offer makes for a trip guests can tailor to their own tastes, and ensure that every week away is another week spent in a personal paradise.

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